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What's your LEGO 'status' today?



  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu AustraliaMember Posts: 2,318
    @HangedSanchez, I know, of the exclusive mini-fighters, Slave I would have to be my favourite. I think it would make an excellent addition to the Microfighters series, they could easily do a redo in Jango's colour scheme & change the guns to flick-missiles.
  • MrGudzMrGudz U.KMember Posts: 207
    Latest copy of Bricks has arrived!!
  • 1greenwing1greenwing Member Posts: 26
    After work today will be working on the Tower Bridge. Almost done with the first tower. 
  • readersamreadersam USAMember Posts: 62
    I'm taking apart all my built sets. I just bought a house and will be moving soon and I need to be able to transport the LEGO to my new LEGO room in my new house. I'm excited about the move and the new room, but I will miss playing with my LEGO during the actual moving process.
  • snowhitiesnowhitie BelgiumMember Posts: 3,064
    Bought my first feel-bag CMF today. Been trying for a while but husband managed to find hotdogman and I found a unicorn girl straight after that. Those were the ones I really wanted (and the Egyptian actually). But every time I saw packages and tried to find any they seemed to be all gone... Sp happy bunny now!
  • rdflegordflego in a world of his ownMember Posts: 324
    I'm sitting here working from home and in front of me people are failing to open bags from the Eiffel Tower set. Use the seem people not your teeth, the weakness to the bags is the seem. Stop trying to open the bags on the sides - use the top or bottom!!!
  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 2,632
    if they can't even open the bags, I think they should give up the idea of building it...
  • rdflegordflego in a world of his ownMember Posts: 324
    They used scissors in the end and cut beneath the seem. I'm waiting to see what the final model looks like. Jealous that I'm here working whilst they're building...
  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu AustraliaMember Posts: 2,318
    ARGH!!! Lego frustration! At BrickLink sellers listing items under the wrong colour! If its trans-bright green or trans-neon green, why list it as trans-green (the original translucent green)? The same for trans-neon orange, there is a listing for it, why list it under trans-orange? Half temped to try making a mould for 4L lightsaber bars & try melting down trans-green & trans-orange parts to make my own...
  • readersamreadersam USAMember Posts: 62
    Sore. Taking apart 30k LEGO bricks is very hard on the fingers. 
  • hkcrazy88hkcrazy88 USA/ItalyMember Posts: 163
    readersam said:
    Sore. Taking apart 30k LEGO bricks is very hard on the fingers. 
    I feel your pain!! Hubby and I did exactly what you're doing when I got orders for Italy, and will have to do it all over again when we move back to the states.
  • VenunderVenunder Grimsby, UK.Member Posts: 2,627
    ^ maybe not very helpful now, but I find doing 200-400 bricks then resting for 20-30 minutes allows your fingers to recover a bit. It might take a bit longer to start with, but after a while the steady pace makes up the time.
    Using a brick separator is also wonderful.
    But I guess nothing much helps when doing 30K separation.
  • xiahnaxiahna Member Posts: 156
    Just finished a creator set. #31036 I chose to build the news stand, which took me far longer than it should have, which indicates that I am way out of practice. My husband isn't exactly over the moon that I chose to build one of the smaller sets, but I thought it was cute. I just hope he doesn't try and restrict these in the future because of it. (It's not like the spare parts wont be used ;) )
  • NickF22NickF22 United KingdomMember Posts: 488
    First time at a car boot sale today.

    A couple of S12 #71007 minifigs (Spooky Girl & Pizza Guy), and 4 polybags (#30056 Star Destroyer, #30260 Lone Ranger Pump Car, #30200 Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car, #30106 Friends Ice Cream Stand) for £10 all in.

    A Lego brick badge and ring for 50p.

    And 3 bags of random bricks for £1. Looks like it has some really old genuine bricks in. And a few bits of blue train track, including a (slightly broken) signal - with the under-train platform that lifts up, and from memory, stops a motorised train?
  • readersamreadersam USAMember Posts: 62
    Tortured. After finally getting my 30k LEGO bricks dismantled and packed, the mailman delivered the 2015 sets that I recently ordered. Now I get to stare at the boxes for all the new Friends sets, Elves and Scooby Doo (except for Mystery Machine and the plane as those are back ordered). So I guess these will get added to the other boxes of LEGO sets that I hadn't yet built. According to brickset, my total LEGO block count is now over 50k. 
  • Poisso3Poisso3 Member Posts: 196
    My LEGO status today is awestruck! Just arrived at Legoland Billund!
  • piratemania7piratemania7 New EnglandMember Posts: 2,146
    Simply loving the deep sea line.  Started on #60095 and its really a fun build.
  • MrGudzMrGudz U.KMember Posts: 207
    Just sneaked several sets into the back bedroom while the Wife's at work!!!!!
  • Lego_StarLego_Star ... in a galaxy far, far away.Member Posts: 2,144
    Wondering how @Coyotelily is getting on with her build of #10196? How is the missing parts acquisition going? 
  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu AustraliaMember Posts: 2,318
    Happy, extremely happy, my #SDCC2015 Throne of Ultron arrived today...
  • DNADNA New York, USAMember Posts: 89
    I'm going to try and help my 7 year old with his project. Some sort of Big Bang Theory looking build. After I built the lego Big Bang Theory set, my son asked "now can we build the REAL big bang theory?, like this"  and he showed me the back of his shirt. 

  • GuroooGurooo Member Posts: 268
    Sorting my latest lego lot on the kitchen floor, because the living room floor is still covered by the one I bought a couple of weeks ago.

    I think we are about to drown.

    But then again - 200 new minifigures! Yay!
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation UKMember Posts: 5,572
    Looking through the forum before heading for day 2 of Bricktastic and thinking, "so many new threads created that duplicate existing ones". 
    When I have time I'm going to do an @joseph and find all the old ones so they can be merged.  
  • sir_Bricksalotsir_Bricksalot UKMember Posts: 110
    Glad to read all teh great reviews of Bricktastic this w/e.  After doing a great deal with another brickset member today excited to get home to build my r5.  Wont be back till a lot later though but who needs sleep :)
  • YodaliciousYodalicious DagobahMember Posts: 1,366

    Stop buying minifigs!

    That's not directed at anyone but myself. After spotting the Series 14 Monsters at Target during my lunch break, I am taking home 20 more. The minifig-to-person ratio is my house is getting out of hand and it's only going to get worse in the coming years. I have a three-year-old that's already addicted and another one on the way. Two things...

    1. My wife is a saint!

    2. If the minifigs ever wanted to band together and take over the house, they would have no problem whatsoever. The only thing I can hope for is that they will be too busy fighting amongst themselves to pose a serious threat to me and my family. On second thought, I better take all of the arms off of my bigfigs when I get home to take away any advantage they might have. You know, just in case.

  • SalamalexSalamalex UKMember Posts: 297
    Awestruck, thinking about all those clever Bricktastic builders.
  • xwingpilotxwingpilot UKMember Posts: 799
    #10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter canopy sticker applied successfully o:)
  • sir_Bricksalotsir_Bricksalot UKMember Posts: 110
    #10240 Red Five X-wing Starfighter canopy sticker applied successfully o:)
    Any particular tips you'd care to share for this?  Messing this up is actually giving me nightmares :smile: 
  • xwingpilotxwingpilot UKMember Posts: 799
    edited August 2015
    ^ Just follow the instructions to the letter (and be very careful ;))

    The front sticker is exactly the same size as the front of the canopy, so line it up on the edge exactly. Peel the backing off as you apply it across the canopy to avoid air bubbles. The side stickers then line up exactly along the edge of the front sticker, with the black line meeting at the corner.
  • lisaastruplisaastrup DenmarkMember Posts: 1
    Just got 25 old duplo people/figures. I'm a afol, but I like the duplo figs also, cute and fun, is I al alone with this.
  • AllBrickAllBrick UKMember Posts: 1,490
    Trying to stop myself buying bits on a daily basis. Need to rent a van and move in the next two weeks. I'm also spending a lot of money on petrol driving to various supermarkets and toy shops hunting for bargains. Hang on, charity shop just phoned, they have a board game for me O_O.
  • BumblepantsBumblepants DFW/BGMember Posts: 7,438
    Just ordered the Ninjago Temple set online instead of down at my local Lego Store because I need the shipping box.
  • DNADNA New York, USAMember Posts: 89
    My LEGO status this morning was sit down, drink black coffee and watch my two 3 year olds put together series 14. This is how one wants to display them, while the other was protesting.  

  • Penkid11Penkid11 Member Posts: 788
    Just ordered the Ninjago Temple set online instead of down at my local Lego Store because I need the shipping box.
    You know, you could have just asked them for one of their shipping boxes. Then you wouldn't have to wait!
  • FauchFauch FranceMember Posts: 2,632
    DNA said:
    My LEGO status this morning was sit down, drink black coffee and watch my two 3 year olds put together series 14. This is how one wants to display them, while the other was protesting.  

    plant monster wins.


  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,454
    Just ordered the Ninjago Temple set online instead of down at my local Lego Store because I need the shipping box.
    I thought I was the only one that did that :)
  • SumoLegoSumoLego New YorkMember Posts: 15,151
    SDCC figures can exist outside of a plastic case?

    I'm pretty sure that's tantamount to opening an Infinity Stone...
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair London, UKMember Posts: 2,701

    Anyone got any tips or suggestions on how to promote my 'LEGO Ideas' project and possibly reach 10,000 supporters? Sometimes it blows my mind how quickly some projects get 10,000 or large amounts of attraction from news websites, blogs and people. I have tried several things to promote it but it still has not even passed 1000 supporters :/

  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,454
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,367
    Made my first trip to the downtown Chicago LEGO store. Wonderful mosaic of city attractions at the entryway.
  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu AustraliaMember Posts: 2,318
    @Adzbadboy, you're not alone there, I still can't understand how some projects even get five hundred supporters, while so many great projects are lacking even half that number. Try as I might, I can't seem to gain any real traction.

    I've tried contacting so many sites, just to be ignored, most of the sites that have picked up my project are from other people contacting them. Heck, two people tweeted it at Ming-Na Wen (Agent May) & she retweeted it twice, between them over two hundred retweets, but not one new supporter.
  • EluneElune QuébecMember Posts: 99
    edited August 2015
    Oh, this year's Christmas set is a new and improved Toy Shop! I'm happy! I have resolved not to buy retired set from that theme, but I'll get to have the Toy Shop anyway. :)

    Haha, I thought that my 37k bricks were not amounting to much and had resolved to build my entire collection before taking it all apart to build MOCs. However, I don't even have half of it assembled yet and my display shelves and tables are already pretty full. ^^;
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,825
  • VorpalRyuVorpalRyu AustraliaMember Posts: 2,318
    ^ Danger Wil Robinson! Danger!
  • Pitfall69Pitfall69 0 miles to Legoboy's houseMember Posts: 11,454
    Made it through most of The Lego Movie. Project "Ripped by 44" is underway. My goal is to make it through a LOTR movie...extended edition; )
  • PhadeoutPhadeout U.K.Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2015
    Whilst allegedly working I have managed to assemble the Doc Ock truck heist set after picking it up for a tenner at Sainsburys this morning and then "hilariously" dropping the dynamite through a very small hole that appears to go down forever into the bowels of the earth! Karma...
  • rdflegordflego in a world of his ownMember Posts: 324
    I think I might use all of the light bley bricks available to me if I continue this MOC. Debating whether to use brown as an interior wall colour to save the bley
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,543
    I appear to have crippled my right shoulder in my sleep. Movement restricted, extremely painful, now in its 3rd day and not much improvement.

    First time ever i wished magic all-heal elixir potions were a real thing.


  • Lego_StarLego_Star ... in a galaxy far, far away.Member Posts: 2,144
    Struggling to load the forum on either 3G or the hotel wifi.
  • LegoTTLegoTT Member Posts: 485
    Checked two Targets and two Walmarts for Series 14 CMFs today....all to no avail. Mapping out my route tomorrow for another look. 
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