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Wanted long shot

Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
edited December 2011 in Marketplace
Hey there I'm looking for a taj mahal either used or sealed in box

Please pm if you have any info

Thanks, olly


  • dougtsdougts Oregon, USAMember Posts: 4,110
    I'd love one myself, but check them out on ebay or bricklink - those are the going rates unfortunately.
  • Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
    Harsh isn't it they go upto £1500 lol, i'll keep my eye open though
  • coachiecoachie South WalesMember Posts: 476
    I missed out on this too. If you do not need the box etc, why not try to build it yourself from your collection. After a quick squint on Peeron there seem to be lots of standard bricks in this, not too expensive on Bricklink. Someone please correct me if I missed anything rare?
  • CoolsplashCoolsplash Member Posts: 935
    Well if you have the bricks which are pretty much standard then you can give it a go, or do a smarter approach and make a list of parts you do not have and order those from BL. I think a Seller from Turkey was selling the 10189 Taj Mahal but I was not able to trust him enough :P
  • Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
    I can buy the instructions quite easy and I think it should have the list of components in there so should be easy to order, would like a box as well so think that would be the hardest hurdle to pass. Have many people ever tried to re create the kits this way? Would of thought pound for pound it can't be that bad, maybe rare colours would be tough
  • kkskks Member Posts: 60
    I am in the early stages of acquiring the pieces but it is alot, so I am doing it over time and only have about a 1000 of the more than 5000 I need. If you use bricklink, you can automatically populate a wanted list for the parts in the set. There are also sites like which have the parts list and the instructions are downloadable right here at brickset so you do not need to buy those.
  • Ollydc5Ollydc5 Member Posts: 67
    Thanks mate, what kinda cost has it been so far and what's a realistic estimate by the time your ready to build? Ps thanks for the info
  • kkskks Member Posts: 60
    My cost so far has been limited because I used a bunch of PAB boxes I had from pre-Christmas shopping at the Lego store to get most of the first 1000 pieces. I will be placing some bricklink orders next week for another 1500 pieces or so and that will be less than $100. I estimate it will cost me about $400 to $450 when all is said and done if I shop the pieces right, but that is a lot less than market for the complete set. I am choosing to do this with Taj Mahal because the pieces are readily available on Bricklink and nothing is too rare (and therefore too expensive). I considered trying to do Eiffel Tower this way but the dark grey fence alone was too hard to find and/or too expensive to make it worth it, so with that I will just buy a complete set at some point.
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