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A question about tracks

Hi there!

I was hoping somebody can tell me how far back LEGO track is compatible with the newest train sets.  I'm trying to get an idea of what can be used to expand upon my #60052.



  • PeteMPeteM Gallifrey (near Bristol)Member Posts: 444
    The latest plastic track will connect properly with the old 9v track but that is fairly expensive and you're better off buying the new stuff, especially if you don't intend powering via a 9v motor and transformer. The system before (4.5v and 12v in blue and grey) doesn't easily connect with the latest track as the connection points are completely different. There are third party elements which join the two but I've not tried them yet...

    However, all tracks are compatible in terms of gauge - so trains from all all eras will fit on all tracks and, as the new ones are battery powered, they can go around any layout.
    You can connect the new style to the old school track EXTREMELY easily with just a handful of standard easy to source elements (1 x plates and jumpers).  Not elegant but entirely functional.  
  • shotgunchipmunkshotgunchipmunk USMember Posts: 74
    Thanks for the info.  Follow-up question(s):  When was the switch to the new stuff made?  Are #7996 and #7997 new style or 9V?
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Denver 4800 miles to BillundMember Posts: 2,638
    Without looking at the links, they are PF parts. The 9V sets were 4500 numbers and the 4.5V/12V were 7700 numbers. 
  • shotgunchipmunkshotgunchipmunk USMember Posts: 74
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