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(FS in US local pickup or ship) A random LOT of unopened LEGO sets. (9461 9462 4736 30103 +m)

adamintxadamintx Member Posts: 21
I'm parting ways with many of my LEGO sets due to recent changes in my life. To put a price on the items I tried to go with around half of what they have actually sold for on Ebay (so you could resell and double your money) Again, this is only for sale as a package deal unless you are a real sweet talker or something.  I would like $150 +shipping (if I'm sending it to someone overseas) or if you live in the Fort Worth area I would love for you to come take them off my hands today.  Thanks!

The LOT includes the following:

9461-1: The Swamp Creature x2
9462-1: The Mummy x2
4736-1: Freeing Dobby x2
30103-1: Car x7
30105-1: Mailbox x2
30101-1: Skateboarder x2
30028-1: Holiday Wreath x1
40054-1: Summer Scene x1
40052-1: Springtime Scene x1
30222-1: Police Helicopter x1
30018-1: Police Microlight x1


  • adamintxadamintx Member Posts: 21
    *UPDATE*  I'll throw in the Ghostbusters  - 21108 set if you buy today!  That's an additional $49 retail value to the lot!
  • adamintxadamintx Member Posts: 21
    Everything above (ghostbusters included) for local pickup only $120. 
  • adamintxadamintx Member Posts: 21
    Sold.    Thanks for looking. 
    Please close topic if possible.
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As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.