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Sanchez's Super Sale! (UK-WW)

HangedSanchezHangedSanchez United KingdomMember Posts: 310

So I've been going through my collection and decided I need to thin it out a bit, so here we go!

Everything is NISB unless otherwise noted, and I have tried to go below Ebay/Bricklink prices. I will post anywhere at cost.

I'm looking for sale rather than trade, although I am after a #21103 Delorean in used, complete condition.

I have traded on here a few times before, and I have excellent feedback on Ebay as therealzantos.

If you have any questions, please ask!


#5002127        Flashback Shredder                              £4

#5002130        Good Morning Bilbo Baggins                £8       

#5004081        Plastic Man                                          £13

#891501          Limited Edition Kai                               £4

#901503          Krait                                                    £4

#SH083           Clark Kent / Superman                         £10


Legends of Chima

#LOC391406  Crug                                                    £3

#LOC391408  Vornon                                                £3

#LOC391409  Ice Prison                                             £3

#LOC391410  Sykor                                                   £3

#LOC391411  Ice Cannon                                           £3

#LOC391412  Worriz                                                  £3

#LOC391501 Gorzan                                                  £3

#LOC391502  Ice Crossbow                                       £3       


#30264            Frax’ Phoenix Flyer                     £3        2 available

#30265            Worriz’ Fire Bike                         £3        2 available



#561410          Halloween Shop                          £3

#561411          Cat and Scenery                          £3

#561412          Christmas Tree                            £3

#561501          Penguin Ice Slide                         £3

#561502          Dressing Table                            £3

#561503          Rabbit and Tree                          £3

#30108            Summer Picnic                            £3


  • HangedSanchezHangedSanchez United KingdomMember Posts: 310



    #30227            Police Watercraft                                  £3

    #30228            Police ATV                                           £3        6 available

    #30310            Arctic Scout                                         £3        2 available


    Star Wars

    #30240            Z-95 Headhunter                                 £3

    #30244            Anakin’s Jedi Interceptor                      £3

    #30246            Imperial Shuttle                                   £3        4 available

    #30247            ARC-170 Starfighter                            £3        7 available


    #75003            A-wing Starfighter                £10      used, has instructions and box

    #75014            Battle of Hoth                       £30      used, has instructions but no box



    #30189            Transport Plane                                    £3

    #30081            Skeleton Chopper                                £5


    #30300            The Batman Tumbler                            £3        4 available

    #30301            Batwing                                                £3        5 available

    #30302            Spider-Man                                          £3        2 available


    #30271            Mikey’s Mini-Shellraiser                      


    #30281            Micro Manager Battle                           £3

    #30282            Super Secret Police Enforcer                £3


    #42006            Excavator                                 £40      used, has instructions and box

     #21109            Exo-Suit                                  £30

     #70704            Vermin Vaporizer                     £30

     #21105            Minecraft: The Village              £35      box opened, all bags sealed

    #41512            Chomly                                    £4

  • HangedSanchezHangedSanchez United KingdomMember Posts: 310
    It all needs to go! Any half-way sensible offer considered....
  • HangedSanchezHangedSanchez United KingdomMember Posts: 310
    Seriously folks, make an offer! I need the space...
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,828
    Hey.  Will offer £7 inc. postage for Plastic Man if you are interested.  In line with Ebay's sold minus fees etc.  Won't clear much room, but it's a start.  :)  Cheers.
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