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LEGO SW Tauntaun variants

B0SSKB0SSK Member Posts: 175
Guys, can someone advise which is the best/most movie accurate lego version of the Tauntaun?  Am I right in thinking that the most recent one is from the echo base set 7879 from 2011?

Photos of the differences would be great too !

Many thanks



  • roxioroxio Member Posts: 1,384
    Latest release was in #75014 Battle of Hoth from 2013. That was the same Taun Taun as in #7879.
    First and only other release to date in #7749 Echo Base from 2009. Subtle differences between the two, you'll have to look them up as I'm only on mobile at the moment.
  • B0SSKB0SSK Member Posts: 175
    Many thanks Roxio, that is just the info I need. Many thanks matey.  
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