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[FOR SALE] Up to 40% off NEW minifigures and polys - SH, SW, LOTR etc. [UK -> WW]

cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,331
edited March 2015 in Marketplace
Ok, the wife is getting grumpy and thats never good so i need to shift these sooner rather than later. With that in mind Spend £50 and get 25% off everything (£37.50 and up final spend), spend £100 and get 40% off everything (£60 and up final spend).

Super heroes
Thor beard sh018 x1 £3
Alien foot soldier sh030 x5 £3
The mandarin dark green cape sh070 x2 £3
War machine sh066 x1 £7

Star wars

Chewbaca sw011a x3 £3
Han solo, sw404 x2 £3
Bib fortuna – sw404 x3 £9
Oola sw406 x3 £9
Gamorrean guard sw405 x2 x3 £7
Salacious b crumb sw408 x2 £7
Han solo in carbonite from #9516 x3 £7
Mandalorian super commando 1 sw494 x1 £3
Mandalorian super commando 2 sw495 x1 £3


Thranduil lor079 w shield x7 £7
Mirkwood elf archer lor078 x10 £4
Mirkwood elf lor080 w shield x3 £4
Gundabad orc bald lor088 x5 £4
Gundabad orc bald spikes lor089 x5 £4
Gandalf the grey lor001 x7 £3
Bilbo baggins – suspenders lor029 x7 £4
Balin the dwarf lor049 x7 £6
Dwalin the dwarf lor050 x5 £10
Bombur the dwarf lor051 x5 £10
Bofur the dwarf lor052 x3 £10
Ringwraith lor018 w horse x2 x4 £15
Merry lor016 x2 £12
Frodo baggins lor028 x2 £3
brown Warg from #79012 x5 £8
White warg from #79002 x2 £8
Grey warg from #79002 x2 £8
Hunter orc lor039 x2 £3
Hunter orc with quiver lor048 x2 £3
Yazneg lor038 x2 £3
Bifur the dwarf lor041 x2 £10
Thorin oakenshield chain mail lor040 x2 £9
Uruk-hai berserker lor019 x1 £5
Bilbo baggins dark red coat lor030 x1 £3
Gloin the dwarf lor055 x1 £10
Oin the dwarf lor056 x1 £10
Mirkwood elf guard lor053 x1 £3
Mirkwood elf chief lor054 x1 £3
Frodo baggins no cape lor062 x1 £3
Arwen lor060 x1 £4 Eomer lor010 x1 £8

CMF = all £3, most in original bags opened for checking, some missing bag and instructions but in ziplocs
s2 - cop
s3 - sumo wrestler [no statue]
s3 - pilot
s3 - mummy
s3 - racedriver
s4 - sailor  
s4 - punk rocker guy x2
s4 - wolfman
s5 - boxer  
s5 - cavewoman  
s6 - minotaur x2
s6 - skateboarder girl
s6 - flamenco dancer x2
s6 - genie
s8 - skier
s8 - cowgirl x2
s8 - santa
s9 - alien marine
s9 - cyclops x2
s10 - skydiver x3
s10 - biker x3
s10 - indian
s10 - baseball fielder x5
s10 - paintballer x2
s11 - bobby
s11 - gingerbread man
s11 - bobby
s11 - rock climber x2
s12 - wizard
s12 - pigman x2
s12 - Videogamer
tlm - bad cop good cop
gb - tennis
tgb - relay

Green classic spaceman pete x3 £5
Green classic spaceman yve x3 £5
Henry Jones Sr – dark grey hat iaj002 x1 £3
Marion Ravenwood white outfit iaj007 x1 £3
Lord Sam Sinister adv038 x1 £3
Lord Sam Sinister adv025 x1 £3
Studios - Director stu002 x1 £3
Scout blue face njo082 x1 £3
Zane kimono njo076 x1 £3

Minifigure Polybags - all NIB

Martian Manhunter x2 £8

Box Sets - all NIB

#5002812 Classic White Spaceman x2 £15
#40106 2014 xmas 2 x2 £10
#850487 Halloween Accessory Set x2 £12
#75011 sw planet series 4 tantive iv and alderaan

Polybags - all new in box/bag except the VW which is new but the seal popped

#40058 xmas tree x2 £8
#40059 xmas reindeer £11
#40078 creator hot dog cart £11
#40109 creator mini x3 £10
#30189 creator heliplane £2
#30025 Creator clown fish £5
#40079 Creator VW not sealed but still new £15
#30242 Star Wars £4
#30246 Star Wars Imperial Shuttle x4 £2
#30247 Star Wars Arc 170 Starfighter x4 £2
#30301 Super Heores Batman Batwing x4 £2
#30165 Super Heores Hawkeye x3 £2
#30302 Super Heroes Spiderman x2 x4 £2
#30162 Super Heroes Quinjet x7 £2
#30282 TLM Super Secret Police Enforcer x4 £3
#30213 Hobbit Gandalf x2 £2
#30264 Chima Frax Pheonix Flyer £2
#30140 Alien Conquest ADU Walker x3 £2
#30141 Alien Conquest Jet Pack x2 £2
#30108 Friends picnic x2 £2


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