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[UK/WW] FS: **CapnRex101's Cleanout!** Polybags, Minifigs, Sealed Sets and More...

CapnRex101CapnRex101 United KingdomAdministrator Posts: 2,261
edited March 2015 in Marketplace

I have just arrived home from university and decided that it's time to clear some space. I have a variety of sealed sets, polybags, minifigures and minidolls available for sale. I have not priced anything here but am looking to sell below Bricklink average prices.

Please send me a message if you are interested in anything!

Sealed Sets:

#40106 Toy Workshop - £10.00
#40107 Winter Skating Scene - £10.00
#60024 City Advent Calendar - £12.50
#70501 Warrior Bike - £10.00
#76010 Batman: The Penguin Face Off - £7.00


#30189 Transport Plane
#30202 Smoothie Stand (x3)
#30218 Snail
#30244 Anakin's Jedi Interceptor
#30259 Azari's Magic Fire (x2)
#30260 Lone Ranger's Pump Car
#30283 Off-Road
#30285 Tiger
#30312 Demolition Driller
#30311 Swamp Police Helicopter
#30314 Go-Kart Racer
#40140 Flower Cart (x5)
#5002122 TC-4 (x6)
#5002941 Bionicle Hero Pack (x3)
#5002943 Winter Soldier

Minifigures: - All are brand new and come complete with accessories.

Star Wars:

SW519 41st Elite Clone Trooper (x4)
SW521 Royal Guard (x4)

Super Heroes:

SH038 Spider-Man
SH051 Nova
SH052 Dr Doom
SH053 Beetle
SH164 Iron Man MK45 (x2) - £5.00
SH167 Iron Man MK43 (x2) - £5.00
SH169 Ultron MK1 - £10.00
SH170 Thor - £5.00
SH176 Ultimate Ultron - £10.00
SH177 Captain America - £10.00
SH178 Vision - £10.00
SH186 Black Widow - £10.00

The Simpsons:

SIM001 Homer Simpson
SIM002 Marge Simpson
SIM003 Bart Simpson
SIM004 Lisa Simpson
SIM005 Maggie Simpson
SIM006 Ned Flanders

Legends of Chima:

LoC053 Sparratus
LoC055 Lavertus
LoC064 Scutter
LoC068 Gorzan
LoC080 Vardy
LoC081 Lundor

Ultra Agents:

UAGT001 Agent Jack Fury
UAGT002 Tremor
UAGT003 Agent Max Burns
UAGT004 Adam Acid


I have a very limited wanted list and will only trade for items on this list:

#71006 Simpsons House - Box and minifigures not required.
#5004081 Plastic Man
SH163 Batzarro

I am located in the UK but am happy to ship worldwide. 

If you have any queries or are interested in any of the above items, please don't hesitate to send me a PM. I am open to any offers!

I will keep updating this list so please check back. I certainly have some minidolls still to come.



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