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[FOR SALE] NEW Super Heroes, Star Wars, LOTR/Hobbit minifigures, cmf, polys etc [UK => UK,US,EUR]

cheshirecatcheshirecat Member Posts: 5,331
edited February 2015 in Marketplace

These are all genuine Lego removed from sets and placed in ziploc bags but I've now realised I really don't need them. I want to get rid of them but equally cant afford to give them away. I've tried to beat the ebay prices but feel free to make me an offer and especially for bulk buys. Im based in the UK but will happily ship to US, Europe etc. Shipping at cost, as an example I recently posted 230ish to the US for £40.

Super heroes
Thor beard sh018 x1 £3
Alien foot soldier sh030 x5 £3
The mandarin dark green cape sh070 x2 £3
Extremis soldier sh071 x2 £3
War machine sh066 x1 £7

Star wars
Chewbaca sw011a x3 £3
Han solo, sw404 x2 £3
Bib fortuna – sw404 x3 £9
Oola sw406 x3 £9
Gamorrean guard sw405 x3 £7
Salacious b crumb sw408 x2 £7
Han solo in carbonite from #9516 x3 £7
Mandalorian super commando 1 sw494 x1 £3
Mandalorian super commando 2 sw495 x1 £3

Thranduil lor079 w shield x7 £7
Mirkwood elf archer lor078 x10 £4
Mirkwood elf lor080 w shield x3 £4
Gundabad orc bald lor088 x5 £4
Gundabad orc bald spikes lor089 x5 £4
Gandalf the grey lor001 x7 £3
Bilbo baggins – suspenders lor029 x7 £4
Balin the dwarf lor049 x7 £6
Dwalin the dwarf lor050 x5 £10
Bombur the dwarf lor051 x5 £10
Bofur the dwarf lor052 x3 £10
Ringwraith lor018 w horse x4 £15
Merry lor016 x2 £12
Aragorn lor017 x2 £3
Frodo baggins lor028 x2 £3
brown Warg from #79012 x5 £8
White warg from #79002 x2 £8
Grey warg from #79002 x2 £8
Hunter orc lor039 x2 £3
Hunter orc with quiver lor048 x2 £3
Yazneg lor038 x2 £3
Bifur the dwarf lor041 x2 £10
Thorin oakenshield chain mail lor040 x2 £9
Gimli lor013 x1 £3
Uruk-hai berserker lor019 x1 £5
Bilbo baggins dark red coat lor030 x1 £3
Gloin the dwarf lor055 x1 £10
Oin the dwarf lor056 x1 £10
Mirkwood elf guard lor053 x1 £3
Mirkwood elf chief lor054 x1 £3
Frodo baggins no cape lor062 x1 £3
Arwen lor060 x1 £4
Eomer lor010 x1 £8

CMF = all £3, most in original bags opened for checking, some missing bag and instructions but in ziplocs
s1 - robot
s2 - cop
s3 - sumo wrestler [no statue]
s3 - pilot
s3 - mummy x2
s3 - racedriver
s4 - ice hockey player
s4 - sailor x2
s4 - punk rocker guy x2
s4 - wolfman x2
s4 - skateboarder x1
s5 - sherlock holmes
s5 - boxer x2
s5 - cavewoman x3
s6 - minotaur x3
s6 - skateboarder girl
s6 - flamenco dancer x3
s6 - mechanic
s6 - leprachaun
s6 - bandit
s6 - genie
s7 - viking girl
s7 - black knight
s7 - galaxy patrol
s8 - skier
s8 - cowgirl x2
s8 - santa
s8 - black robot
s8 - alien queen
s9 - alien marine x2
s9 - cyclops x2
s9 - waiter
s10 - sad clown
s10 - skydiver x3
s10 - biker x3
s10 - indian x2
s10 - baseball fielder x5
s10 - paintballer x3
s10 - colonial soldier
s11 - bobby
s11 - gingerbread man
s11 - blacktron mech
s11 - elf
s11 - bobby
s11 - rock climber x2
s12 - dino girl
s12 - wizard
s12 - pigman x2
tlm - bad cop good cop
simpsons - homer
simpsons - bart
simpsons - apu
simpsons - mr burns
simpsons - nelson
simpsons - gramps

Green classic spaceman pete x3 £5
Green classic spaceman yve x3 £5
Henry Jones Sr – dark grey hat iaj002 x1 £3
Marion Ravenwood white outfit iaj007 x1 £3
Lord Sam Sinister adv038 x1 £3
Lord Sam Sinister adv025 x1 £3
Studios - Director stu002 x1 £3
Scout blue face njo082 x1 £3
Zane kimono njo076 x1 £3

Other stuff - all new in box/bag except the VW
#40106 2014 xmas 2 x2 £10
#40058 xmas tree x1 £5
#40109 creator mini x2 £10
#30108 friends picnic x2 £3
#30230 galaxy squad x2 £3
#30025 creator clown fish x1 £5
#40079 creator VW not sealed but still new x1 £15
Top Gear Stig keychain x1 £5
Martian Manhunter x1 £8


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