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The "brag" thread: Post your recent great finds!



  • DedgeckoDedgecko Member Posts: 798
    Kralaskan said:

    Nailed 3 of the freight train sets for $70 each at wallmart. $200 normaly
    Got Lego movie ice cream trucks for $10 and superheros Malibu attack for $15
    Was lucky and was standing there as they were being marked down

    Where is this magical Walmart with such amazing clearance deals?
  • MilcheaxMilcheax Member Posts: 52
    Dedgecko said:

    Where is this magical Walmart with such amazing clearance deals?

    Seriously. Most of the Wal-marts I check have huge LEGO shrink issues. I think this is the main reason I never see anything bigger than the $100 boxes.
  • KralaskanKralaskan Member Posts: 208
    Idaho. We went to 6 or 7 stores. Some had a clearance racks set up. Some had sets just on sale and some had nothing on sale. We only found the trains and sets marked at 50 percent off
    At 1 store. It's a strange case by case store by store deal I guess.
  • keiths1975keiths1975 Member Posts: 17
    Managed to pick up 3 boxes for £100 after spotting a 10129 snow speeder in there plus 4502 x-wing/yodas hut, midi millenium falcon, trains, harry potter, 6208, plus loads of other star wars which i am in the process of sorting....just finished snow speeder with one piece missing which i have ordered. Pretty good i think
  • ChubblesChubbles Member Posts: 459
    well that sure is something
  • KleiovousKleiovous Member Posts: 95
    One man's rubbish...
  • TheBrickLaddTheBrickLadd Member Posts: 844
    I know it only January but best buy of the year so far! ^^^
  • poopdawgpoopdawg Member Posts: 2

    I know it only January but best buy of the year so far! ^^^

    This was actually last August
  • NorlegoNorlego Member Posts: 449
    Ah... If it was last year it was not buy of the year. Not sure how got that. Someone should go through this thread and find out....
  • 111ins111ins Member Posts: 265
    as of a few minutes ago, had 3x 21105 Minecraft The Village left... 10 minutes ago there were 11 :)
    $50 + tax, free shipping
  • afireinsideafireinside Member Posts: 38
    60003 lego fire set $11.29 mis priced on the shelf, at target employee was pretty irritated because it rang up $40ish
  • VenunderVenunder Member Posts: 2,667
    Shib said:

    While looking at the near bare Lego shelves of the local Tesco I noticed a lone #70002 on the shelf, looking a bit beat up, with no SEL. I checked it on the shelf scanner £0.04. Thats my bargain of the year!

    Although the set is not a great one
    2p for an £18 set = 0.0011% , has got to be the best deal, apart from free lego.

  • pixelpopspixelpops Member Posts: 21
    Target is awesome at price matching - we got 70816 Benny's Spaceship for $59.99, 70815 Super Secret Police Dropship for $45.00, Small Girl storage head for $9.99. We also picked up 41054 Rapunzel's Tower for $34.99
    My local Staples also had a lot of the storage bricks and heads on 50‰ clearance, plus an extra 25‰ off, so we picked up 2 2x4, 2 2x2, 2 1x2 and 1 large Storage head.
    It's been a good January so far!!
  • KralaskanKralaskan Member Posts: 208
    Where did you find a secret police ship for $45 to get target to match it? I've been wanting that one but its never been on sale anywhere that I've seen.
  • pixelpopspixelpops Member Posts: 21 had it on clearance :)
  • wayneggwaynegg Member Posts: 394
    edited January 2015
    Where did you find a Target that's awesome at price matching? All the ones around me make you jump through multiple hoops and if their ipad at customer service can't find the item for less by scanning the upc they turn you away even if you have the dated print ad in hand...

    Oh. And they also limit you to one price matched item.
  • pixelpopspixelpops Member Posts: 21
    waynegg said:

    Where did you find a Target that's awesome at price matching? All the ones around me make you jump through multiple hoops and if their ipad at customer service can't find the item for less by scanning the upc they turn you away even if you have the dated print ad in hand...

    Oh. And they also limit you to one price matched item.

    I'm in Canada and Target isn't well received here....So they're compensating.

  • eggsheneggshen Member Posts: 602
    I was scrambling to get the last three levels of the MBA sets, everywhere online was sold out (except level 3 at Thanks to some advice from some friendly Bricksetters (thanks again @tamamahm and @sidersdd) I called my local Barnes and Noble, they found a store that had all three instock, and shipped them to my local store. I joined the Kids Club to receive a 30% off one item coupon thinking to use it on one of the sets. Due to a glitch in the system I couldn't get the coupon to print so I just took in a printed version of the email. Two of the sets were marked down 50% off, plus they gave me 30% off my entire purchase. So I ended up getting all three levels for a total of $118 and change. Saved $109 on the deal. Not huge but pretty awesome for such hard to find sets.
  • ShpadoinkleShpadoinkle Member Posts: 420
    Meijer had 25% off clearance prices. I got X3 #21015 Leaning Tower of Pisa for $13.13 each (plus tax). Also got a #70815 for $47.80 plus tax (and left quite a few on the shelf!)

    Neither were sets that were high on my list but at those prices my interest goes WAAAAY up!
  • knooseknoose Member Posts: 45
    I picked up 75019 for $49 + tax today at Walmart.
  • wayneggwaynegg Member Posts: 394
    I just bought the new Geonosis Troopers set for $5! Woohoo!
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair Member Posts: 2,710
    edited January 2015
    LEGO Haul 5 (2015) Brand New, Total: £48

    LEGO Haul 5 (2015)  Brand New, Total: £48

    #70123 - Lion Legend Beast - £3
    #70125 - Gorilla Legend Beast - £3
    #70126 - Crocodile Legend Beast - £3
    #70224 - Tiger’s Mobile Command - £20
    #70808 - Super-Cycle-Chase - £19

    RPP: £129

    I'm still speechless...
  • Andrew_CAndrew_C Member Posts: 2
    I picked up two of the 7996 train crossovers for NZ$100 delivered last week, both with boxes and instruction sheets. Super stoked with that
  • MojoestMojoest Member Posts: 477
    edited January 2015
    So I bought a couple of ebay listings for parts of the original batman bat cave for a combined £73.50 inc postage.

    Here are the two main listing photos:



    After wining the listings I thought I'd contact the seller, (who didn't seem too sure that they were part of the same set originally, or that there was more too it), to see whether they had any of the other sections and vehicle. They had a look for me and included what they found for me at no extra cost which was really nice of them. So I ended up with this:


    Only a few basic parts missing so I can BL them. Just a pity that they had Robin and his little boat on another listing which I was out bid on (it went for £28). But all in all less than £75 for what I got when complete used sets have been going in the region of £200 recently, has made me pretty pleased :smile:

    I also got a complete Two Face escape from them (Mr Freeze was actually included in one of those listings), although that was for a more run of the mill price that you'd expect to pay for it.
  • CapnRex101CapnRex101 Administrator Posts: 2,364
    ^ The Alfred minifigure alone is almost worth that! Colour me jealous :smile:
  • NorlegoNorlego Member Posts: 449
    Mojoest said:

    After wining the listings I thought I'd contact the seller, to see whether they had any of the other sections and vehicle. They had a look for me and included what they found for me at no extra cost which was really nice of them.

    While I have stopped buying Lego on Ebay (no geniune job lots left), when I did I often asked if the sellers had manuals/boxes or more Lego. A lot of the times they did not photograpth everything or thought nobody wanted the manuals/boxes. One had taken out all the figures and put them in a container, but not taken a photo of them. He was wondering why few people bid on them.
    If you dont ask the boxes/manuals will just get chucked out!

  • DavidBrickleyDavidBrickley Member Posts: 375
    I was able to get a #79018 Lonely Mountain for 20% off, damaged box, at the Woodbridge Lego Store today. This may not seem like a great deal if they ever get clearance out in the future, but I haven't seen these in any local retail stores except for TRU, and haven't seen it on sale anywhere online since it was released.
  • JezzatheshedJezzatheshed Member Posts: 164
    Instruction books from a haul which the wife bought this weekend from gumtree of all places. She's already sorted all the colours and a big build will be commencing. Just the space manuals pictured but there are loads of lego land sets too. For once the lego itself is clean and has little colour fade. As well as the instructions there are clippings from the original boxes showing alt builds.
    I wish all finds could be as good!
  • ACWWGal2011ACWWGal2011 Member Posts: 534
    Managed a pretty neat score. Was surfing on eBay and found a lego auction that had four 16 X 16 plates and some random parts. . No box or instuctions.I decide "hey, i want to bid on it since i can use the plates for a moc i want to do". i throw a bit of money at the auction and get it for $8.20 including shipping. I go poke around bricklink since it only occured to me then that it appeared to be a set of some sort. I discover its a big part the lego ninjago board game that average used price is 16 bucks and shipping isn't always cheap! i doubt that i will reassemble it as a board game but it's a great deal for a parts pack

    lot.PNG 856.6K
  • knooseknoose Member Posts: 45
    ^ no idea how you pulled that one off
  • motor_ace123motor_ace123 Member Posts: 10
    I dont know either! But very happy none the less haha
  • LegoTTLegoTT Member Posts: 487
    Not sure that this is a 'great' find but I found a Wal-Mart with a decent clearance section. Several other sets I almost bought but had to restrain myself. I'll be going back to that location! Picked up the polybag at K-Mart (not on sale, but had never seen this one in the wild).

  • KralaskanKralaskan Member Posts: 208
    Not sure if this is something to brag about but the price is brag worthy, Chima speedorz
    For $4 each today, the ones on cardboard and bubble wrap from 2013 and the ones from 2014
    In the folded cardboard carton. The mini figs are Prob worth that or more i though
  • themoobthemoob Member Posts: 5
    I just found a brand new Death Star set (the most recent) as well as numerous Star Destroyers at a nearby shop.

    Is that actually a good find, or are those normal to find at shops (I'm in Australia, so it's hard to tell)
  • LegoTTLegoTT Member Posts: 487
    Nice! Super Star Destroyers are long gone in America.
  • TLGTLG Member Posts: 125
    Wow Tevans, that is an amazing find :)
  • LegoTTLegoTT Member Posts: 487
    Tevans333 said:

    I just picked up a 61 pound bulk lot for $230. I figured at ~$3.77 per pound it was a no brainer. A lot of the sets are assembled or in large chunks making it easy to separate and identify.

    Once I had it at home and started looking through it I found a light gray 16x16 round brick...yup only used in 1 set, 10123 cloud city. So far I have found all the minifigs in excellent condition and have found several large chunks of 10123. It looks to be fairly close to complete.

    I've also found 7190 Millennium Falcon, 7283 Ultimate Space Battle, 7153 Jango Fett's Salve I and 4708 Hogwart's Express all mostly assembled and complete along with at least 40-50 more sets I've yet to look into.

    Where'd you score that?! Garage sale?

  • juddtaylorjuddtaylor Member Posts: 27
    This is my first post on these forums, but I've been lurking a while.

    I just came back from my first decent deal:

    71006 Simpsons's House. Open box, but all bags sealed but one (but complete)
    10243 Parisian Restaurant. Sealed, but some box damage.
    10218 Pet Shop. Open, looks like the first floor was attempted, the rest is sealed. Not sure it's complete yet.


    So, how did I do? Buying legos second hand around here so far has been a long series of misses... hoping this was a nice hit.
  • hkcrazy88hkcrazy88 Member Posts: 163
    edited February 2015
    Found a new #7596 at an Italian electronics store for only 30 euro ($34.44). Box is a little smashed in a corner but still happy about it! They also had a couple #4611 sets, but didn't pick one up. It was neat seeing a couple older sets mixed in with all the new. :)
  • GuroooGurooo Member Posts: 268
    What a LEGO day!
    First, I received a long awaited package from tru - with two surprise bricktober sets because that order was quite a mess... long story, but with a happy ending today!
    Then I saw an ad for a bag of what seemed to be the friends pet clinic for £10, aaand from the same seller a QAR for £20! I saw them just as they were published, and made a deal to come pick both up right away.
    And last, when I got home I checked the ads again, found a £3 bricktober set published 0 minites ago... and I now have an agreement to come pick it up tomorrow.

    I woke up this morning thinking this would just be a tuesday like all others... what will tomorrow bring? ;)
  • xman2ymanxman2yman Member Posts: 24
    new to legos, left for a long time and finally decided to jump back in. Looking on craigslist I found 3 bins filled with legos for 20 each which he let go for 50 without me even asking!!. I both it since right off the bat I saw a 3/4 built Enzo Ferrari 8652. That was just one of many many set in the bins.
    Further inspection I have so far confirmed that these 4 sets are completely built or missing 2-3 pieces which are easy to replace.
    7961 Darth Maul Sith Infiltrator
    8095 General Grievious Star Fighter
    9498 Tiin's Jedi Star Fighter
    7915 imperial V wing star fighter

    I also have the following in there but haven't had the chance to confirmed if they are fully build able or not.
    7929 Battle of Naboo
    9496 Desert Skiff
    7144 Slave 1!!! God I hope thats there
    9490 Droid Escape
    9491 Geonosia Cannon
    9494 Anakins jedi Interceptor
    7931 T-6 Jedi shuttle
    plus more lose piece to I don't know what. So needless to say I am always looking on craigslist. In fact I may scoop up a deal for portal of atlantis for pretty cheap.
  • matticus_bricksmatticus_bricks Member Posts: 651
    Just found a $48 Darkseid's Invasion on Amazon Warehouse Deals. Not spectacular I guess, but a ~$20 discount on a new super hero set is pretty awesome, and I've stopped caring about keeping most boxes anyway, so I don't mind that it will be damaged.
  • ACWWGal2011ACWWGal2011 Member Posts: 534

    Just the cloud city along is more then worth the price you paid!
  • maniacmaniac Member Posts: 867
    Not amazing but worth a mention. #75049 Snowspeeders for £13.49
  • NickF22NickF22 Member Posts: 489
    ^ Where's that @maniac ?
  • maniacmaniac Member Posts: 867
    Sainsburys. It was actually £15 but 10% staff discount came into play.
  • rdflegordflego Member Posts: 324
    I just bought the 8110 Unimog for £154. Shame because I almost got it for £54! Still, what a bargain £154.
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