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Museum quality items

LusiferSamLusiferSam MontanaMember Posts: 494
I've just had what must be one of the most interesting weeks as a collector that I've ever had. Three times this past week I've had people tell me that a Lego toy or set that was offered to me or I bought had another party interested in that particular piece for museum. With the other party being TLG.

To begin with I received an offer for a wooden pinball game. I wasn't particularly interested in this piece because the person was asking too much for it and I ready have one. He then tried to tell me that Billund was interested in this item for their museum. I blew him off as I assumed this was just his way of trying to entice me by telling me there was another interested party.

A few days later I got another offer from a different seller on a different toy, which I did buy. While negotiating a price I'd asked a few questions about this toy. As part of the response the seller had told me that again Billund was interested in this piece for their museum. In this case I actually believe this individual. He's always been honest and upfront with me. And this is a very rare item in remarkably good shape. So it is entirely possible that TLG genuinely had wish to acquire this item.

Now that brings me to last night. Shortly after an eBay auction ended I received a message from the seller. He stated he had be contacted by an individual to claim to work for Lego and that he wished to purchase this set for an official, future Lego museum in the US. He said that he wasn't able to bid on the item because of an unexpected business trip and was on an airplane at the time. He then offered the seller several times what my winning bid was and asked the seller to tell me that the set was no longer for sale. Much to the seller's credit he declined to do so and told me about it. I personally don't believe that this individual officially represented TLG in this matter and that his poor planning, or lack thereof, is in no way shape or form my problem.

Now I find it interesting that I've basically heard the same story from three different and independent sources over the course of a few days. I've never really considered any of my collection to be "museum quality." Hopefully this doesn't mean that I'm going to have to start to compete with TLG for the older toys or sets I sometimes collect. Has anybody else here has heard similar stories recently? Or does anybody know if Lego is considering an official museum in the US or expanding their collection in Billund?


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,312
    No, but I'll probably use it in future. :-)
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