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WTB/WTTF: Modulars (UK)

JawascrumpJawascrump Member Posts: 112
Hi, I've lurked for a while on the board and have made some successful trades. I can also provide ebay feedback as well as Rebelscum and SWFUK

I'm currently looking for Fire Brigade and Grand Emporium first up, I would consider opened complete with box but would prefer sealed in box.

I've got some nice MISB sets to trade, lots of retired LOTRs, and Hobbit sets as well as a 7965 Falcon and a 79111 Constitution Train Chase amongst others.

I also have a collection of Minifigures and polybags I would trade for the right sets. Mainly Star Wars and a few Superheroes figures. Including a Cloud City Fett, White Fett, Chrome Vader etc etc etc

Obviously I'm happy to post, however a swap in person would be particularly helpful to keep costs down. I'm based in Herefordshire but I regularly travel to London so anywhere between the two could work well!!

Feel free to pm me and hopefully we can work out a trade.



  • JawascrumpJawascrump Member Posts: 112
    Update, potentially a trade pending on GE.
    Pet Shop
    Town Hall
    Palace Cinema
    Fire Brigade

    I have 200+ mini figures and 30+ polybags. Cloud City Fett, Original Jango, Shadow Arf, Chrome Stormtrooper, TC-14, Kashyyyk Trooper, Hulk, Shitless Maul, all four light up light sabres, Astromech Droids, Clones etc.

    I have the following sealed sets for trade, all are in MISB unless noted.

    #9469 Gandulf Arrives
    #9471 Uruk Hai army
    #9472 Attack on Weathertop
    #9473 Mines of Moria
    #9474 Helms Deep
    #9476 Orc Forge
    #79006 Council of Elrond
    #79007 Black Gate
    #79008 Pirate Ship
    #79004 Barrel escape
    #79002 Attack of the Wargs
    #79001 Mirkwood Spiders
    #79003 Unexpected Gathering

    #4475 Jabba's Message
    #4476 Jabba's Prize
    #6212 X Wing
    #7264 Imperial Inspection (one edge slightly faded)
    #7965 Millennium Falcon
    #8017 Darth Vader's Tie
    #8128 Cad Bane's Speeder
    #8038 The Battle of Endor
    #8092 Luke's Landspeeder
    #8129 At At
    #9472 Tie
    #9575 Y Wing
    #7959 Geonosian Fighter
    #30005 Imperial Stormtrooper poly

    #6865 Captain America's Avenging Cycle (damaged box)
    #6866 Wolverine's Chopper Showdown
    #79111 Constitution Train Chase
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