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[US] Farm and Fleet Toyland clearance

PepperPepper Wisconsin, USAMember Posts: 91
My local Farm and Fleet just started a new Toyland clearance. Most sets are 20-30ish % off. Not great, but worth mentioning here, I thought.
Some highlights:
#76021 for $55
#70804 for $24
Series 11 for $2.55
The sale lasts until 2/4 if I remember correctly.


  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,310
    Never heard of Farm and Fleet!
  • PepperPepper Wisconsin, USAMember Posts: 91
    @margot They're a small chain of stores in the Midwest (WI, IL, IA) that mostly sell things like tires, home improvement supplies, and pet supplies. They have a "Toyland" area for Christmas, where they have a decent LEGO selection (though the boxes end up smelling like the store) marked about 5-15% off as their normal retail price.
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,367
    I had planned on getting in there at some point. I guess I'll see if my local store has already been picked clean. It usually does get hit right after Christmas.
  • scotty12scotty12 United States, IowaMember Posts: 732
    I stopped by my Blaine's Farm and Fleet today. It was that same percentage off sets as right after X-Mas. Maybe 10-15% off at best. Jabba's Sail Barge was on clearance for $98.xx. The store is great if you need to find a quick set below RRP but they're slow on clearance. I could sit there for months before they reduce clearance another 10%.
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,310
    So funny that the sets smell like the store...
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,367
    edited January 2015
    @margot they sell stuff like horse feed at many locations, which may account for some of that. There's is a unique odor to the place you typically don't get at someplace like Walmart or Target.
  • legomasonlegomason Member Posts: 190
    It's the smell of rubber from the new tires.
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,060
    legomason said:

    It's the smell of rubber from the new tires.

    Ahh, yes, the hardware store smell. Smell of Fertilizer/tires/wood
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