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Brag Time. How big is your Lego Collection?



  • CurdCurd Member Posts: 1

    Brickset said I own 177 sets, but most of it is for my son.
    I am most proud of his star wars sets, where he now has 35 of :)
    I still have the pirates sets from 1989 (when I was 9) :))
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    @Bluefox1966: what's your estimate of how many figures it contains?
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    Minifigs are approx 100 to the litre give or take. so about 8500 per box.
  • Endigo_VandaneEndigo_Vandane The NetherlandsMember Posts: 18
    edited May 2011
    Honestly can't fathom having a whole ROOM dedicated to Lego. But I guess you would need it if you had 100,000+ pieces...
    @Eric, When we built our new house, I asked the builder to set aside specific space for a room devoted to lego. He thought that was really wierd, but it is a dream come true!
    That is exactly what I would do if I ever were to build a house.
    As it stands now I had to alocate one room to be the Lego-room. Fortunatly I have a fairly spacious house, so I have extra rooms, but still, to have a space specifically designed to hold my collection, would be my idea of heaven.

    Now this is what happens if you collect for 32 years without a Dark Age:

    "You own 4858 sets (2356 different).

    We have piece counts for 2203 of them. Using that data we have calculated that you own 629065 pieces! (this does not include the 44000+ loose parts I have added over the years)

    You own 6953 minifigs"

    Now if I was only done with all the sorting...
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    edited April 2011
    ^ This is going to be a hard one to beat. As I said in your introduction thread, congratulations on a lifetime of dedication. I think I speak for all of us when I say that we'd love to see images.
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Denver 4800 miles to BillundMember Posts: 2,610
    I'm in the 2184/879 different range. I am amazed how many people break up their sets where as I keep mine built and displayed in my Lego room. I knew I wouldn't be the largest collector on the site but I am impressed by how much others have aquired over their collecting career. I am also out of room in the basement, so about a third of my sets are in a 55 gallon tub in plastic baggies and my spare parts fill about 15 5 gallon buckets. The rest are misb. The tub of minifigures is neet, but I would rather see them built as correct minifigs and displayed in year order. I am OCD.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^ again, we welcome photos of your OCD sorting and display!
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,649
    edited May 2011
    ^ I think I speak for all of us when I say that we'd love to see images.
    Oh yes !!
  • Endigo_VandaneEndigo_Vandane The NetherlandsMember Posts: 18
    edited April 2011
    I was afraid you were going to ask that. Luckily I have just found my camera, it was in the second-to-last place I looked.

    This is my first attempt to upload pics to Flickr, it looks to have gone alright.
    I have added some notes for each pic so you get an idea of what I'm doing. ( hopefully )

    This is still a work in progress, sorting can be a real pain. At some point I will have to clear it all out so the chimneybreast can be removed ( it serves no purpose ), the wiring can be redone, including internet acces and the ceiling insulated. When that is finished I can put up similar shelves as in pics 0004 and 0005, that way I'll have room for 42 more boxes. It really is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

    Here's the link:

    Actually , it doesn't look like a lot to me, probably because I saw it grow over many years. Besides that I am a great believer in that it doesn't really matter how much you have but more what you do with it. Be it displaying sets or creating MOCs.
  • Coder_XCoder_X Member Posts: 29
    Impressive collection Endigo_Vandane, but what a mess :-( How did you let it come to this? I wouldn't know where to start.
  • Endigo_VandaneEndigo_Vandane The NetherlandsMember Posts: 18
    I had houseguests for three years. The Lego went into partial storage. It was still in my house but I couldn't really get to it.
    Meanwhile I kept on buying, but without being able to sort it properly it became the mess you see today. Most of it is pre-sorted, so it is mostly just a matter of picking a box and then seperating all the various plates / slopes / bricks or whatever is in them.
    It will take a while but not as much as it would if everything was totally mixed.
  • scholte23scholte23 Member Posts: 10
    120,000+ pieces
    300+ sets
    800+ Minifigs
    i own the top 8 largest set lego has ever made, so that helps
    i also own every Star Wars lego set made from 2006 to now
  • EricEric Queensland, AustraliaMember Posts: 376
    edited May 2011
    Just one of two 84 liter boxes of my loose minifigures just for starters ;-)
    Wow, indeed. How do a person amass so many minifigs?
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    Just kind of happened. I started collection 10 - 15 years ago. I did sell the odd couple of items at the start but I seem to keep everything I get now.
  • typocorrectotypocorrecto Member Posts: 196
    I'd say I have an average collection...

    197 sets...
    53000 parts...
    Started in 1989...
    Dark-Ages 1998 - 2010...

  • thesinisterpenguinthesinisterpenguin Member Posts: 96
    Having only just re-discovered Lego, (thanks to the Toy Story minifigs), my collection is more minifigs than sets at the moment. I still have a few of my old sets (boxed separately from the big Lego boxes), and all of mine and my two brothers' Lego is still at my parents' house. My 'new' Lego collection is slowly building, as I am not immediately taken with a large amount of sets released. I have a couple of the Creator houses, and some PotC sets on the way. I have also picked up a couple of Police sets on a whim.

    Slowly but surely, my collection is growing. It's nice to be back with Lego in my life.
  • CortezCortez Member Posts: 19
    I've only been collecting since the start of this year. I was a big collector as a child, but it was all lost when my collection was passed down to my younger siblings in 1990.

    I ordered Queen Anne's Revenge about three minutes ago. :o)
  • NightfuryNightfury Member Posts: 13
    Dark Ages just ended and I started collecting at the end of December. I have 185 sets. That averages out to about 46 sets per month. The great thing is that when sitting back and reading that statement I have absolutely no regret!
  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
    ^ Is that 185 sets acquired since coming out of the dark ages? That's impressive.
  • NightfuryNightfury Member Posts: 13
    It is. I actually wasn't allowed to play with LEGO much as a kid and only ever had two sets (which I no longer have).
  • JP3804JP3804 Member Posts: 332
    Congratulations, Nightfurry. Just a heads up. I came out of my dark ages 16 months ago and have 713 sets. That's just shy of your pace. I realy miss that BMW. No, not really. I have no regrets. Happy collecting
  • LusiferSamLusiferSam MontanaMember Posts: 533
    My best estimate is I own 710 sets. It's an estimate because Brickset lists some stuff I don't see as a set, but own (notably keychains and idea books) and I have a lot of sets not in the data base here. I also know another 20,000 or so miscellaneous elements.
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    The Potters :-)image
    010.JPG 607.3K
    011.JPG 494.8K
    012.JPG 485.8K
  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
    edited May 2011
    @Nightfury - "I actually wasn't allowed to play with LEGO much as a kid"

    Such a shame. It really is a great toy for kids. How come you weren't encouraged to play with it?
  • NightfuryNightfury Member Posts: 13
    My parents didn't feel it was a "girl oriented" toy.
  • otterotter Member Posts: 12
    ^ But now you're an AFOL! ;-)
  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
    edited April 2011
    ^ What, they didn't even approve of the atrocious pink colored sets? Those were "girl oriented" sets. At least now you can enjoy Lego freely.
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    @nightfury What about Scala and Clikit Lego? These were totally girl orientated.
  • NightfuryNightfury Member Posts: 13
    I have no idea why not Scala but I had already graduated from high school when clikits came out.
  • MatthewMatthew Cheshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 3,735
    ^ I've just looked up Scala on Brickset and it really is atrocious. Barbie dolls with a few Lego pieces...
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    ^ Agreed, but as I said defiantly one for the girls
  • daswootendaswooten Member Posts: 9
    edited May 2011
    Although I have 20-30 recent purchases that I haven't added to it yet, I currently stand at 863 sets. These sets are all unopened - If a set was opened, I just added it to my bulk Lego bins. My collection is here:
  • CrackseedCrackseed Member Posts: 90
    While I had about 80ish sets going into my Dark Ages, I'm nearly at 200 now and enjoying the addition of every new one. My only complaint is I only have 1 room to display things in and it's WAY too cramped as is! Haha :)
  • mrfootballmrfootball Member Posts: 84
    I came out of my "Dark Ages" a year and a half ago and since then...Brickset says I have roughly 160 sets...about 45,000 pieces. I loved Lego as a kid and remember how much I loved the Galaxy Explorer and classic space sets. Probably played with that until I was 8 or so. My Dark Ages which ended when I was 36, married w/kids. Of course, "my" collection is really my son's (save for the UCS Falcon) and he is of course an avid Lego fan.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    @Huw: Did you ever follow up to see how easy this would be to implement?
  • brickmaticbrickmatic Member Posts: 1,071
    @Huw Stats on member collection sizes would be nice to hear about :)
  • AETerryAETerry Member Posts: 48
    According to Brickset's data - I have 455 sets (387 are different) and it's able to give me a count of 47,539 pieces.

    This would be my collection:

    I haven't counted any of the random elements and bricks I've gotten from LEGO's Pick-A-Brick feature or from individual sellers when seeking out MOC elements for design ideas. Or the random lots of legos I've gotten a hold of.

    I think it's fairly decent considering I've had a couple periods of my life where a majority of my collection has been in storage.
  • wolfgang514wolfgang514 Member Posts: 3
    edited May 2011
    148 sets
    353 minifigures
    50,000 pieces

    That is my collection! Right now I'm having a hard time walking around my room without running into bricks! So, I have started to take apart and organize a few of the sets. I now have just my Star Wars sets put together, all of which have been rebuilt by me. I've been given like 3 brick buckets by friends and relatives containing their collections (which, sadly, contained no complete sets), so I estimate that I have about 50,000 pieces. I only list complete sets as owned on Brickset.
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    edited August 2011
    50 gallon drum of LEGO I have to sort. This is half of the loose unsorted parts I have. I have approx 8 times this amount sorted into colours.
    001.JPG 441.3K
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    edited August 2011
    Oh, I'm so glad/terrified that someone has resurrected this thread. It was started just as I joined brickset and came out of my dark ages. I remember reading it and being in awe of the huge numbers...6 months later I have 240 different sets, from the 1970s to now. How did this happen???
  • RedbullgivesuwindRedbullgivesuwind Brickset's Secret HeadquatersMember Posts: 1,962
    i have 131 sets and 30,912 peices and im happy with that im trying to go and get every star wars and castle set ever but space and money means i dont think i can get anything else :-(. I wish i had the sets some of you guys have. need to convince the misses to start buying me stuff. Any tips

    What id love to know is how many mini figures do we all own and what city, county, state, country is it eqvilent too
  • sonsofscevasonsofsceva 1904 World's FairMember Posts: 542
    edited August 2011
    The inventory here says 187 sets, but I have not put in all my inventory or most of the multiple sets, so I am guessing around 220 sets. Considering that I only had about a dozen pre-dark ages sets in May (3 months ago...egad!) that adds up addiction?

    @Endigo_Vandane: I would love that problem. It would be like rediscovering whole sections of your collection again without a dark ages. Have Fun!
  • Lego_MooseLego_Moose Member Posts: 36
    You guys have a lot a bricks
    I think my collection is pretty good for a TFOL altough I share some of the sets with My brother

    I own 351 sets (295 different).
    They have piece counts for 288 of them. Using that data they have calculated that I own 51010 pieces!
    We have retail prices for 213 of them. Using that data they have calculated that their total retail value is US$5285.
    Most are from garage sales at rediculous low prices for more info read my profile.

    Still have tons and tons of unsorted Lego approx. 75 Liter Container
    And another 75 Liter Container of unsorted Duplo
    My Brickset username is the same as my forum username so there you go.
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    @Savage_Steel I started collecting 10 years ago just the odd set here and there, if your not too careful it just avalanches into a huge LEGO monster :-)
  • MinifigsMeMinifigsMe Member Posts: 2,844
    edited August 2011
    lol, I'm aware of the monster @bluefox1996:
    We have piece counts for 236 of them. Using that data we have calculated that you own 42259 pieces!

    We have retail prices for 138 of them. Using that data we have calculated that their total retail value is £2634. <--- in 6 months!!! and that's only about half of them. thankfully a lot are from ebay, second hand unsorted sets, but £1500 is about right.
    Thanksfully I've found selling is something I can do. I'm happy to have set, build it, then pass it on.
  • DuchessaDuchessa Member Posts: 287
    My parents didn't feel it was a "girl oriented" toy.
    Hm... My parents thought that Lego was one of the few toys that both me and my brother had similar interest in. They were right, except that I became and AFOL and he didn't :)

    At the moment I guess I have roughtly 700 sets / 150 000 pieces. My setlist isn't complete, and I bought lots of loose stuff over the years, so my setlist doesn't tell the whole truth.
  • dimefielddimefield Edmonton Alberta CanadaMember Posts: 314
    199 sets / 34821 pieces. My collection spans from my childhood through all 3 of my kids to my recent addiction and to this point i refuse to sell ANYTHING! Mine...all mine!
  • Bluefox1966Bluefox1966 UKMember Posts: 360
    Ahh ! @Savage_Steel I started off like that a BBS (Buy Build Sell), but the monster will eventually take over and if it gets you like it did me it won't let you part with any unless it's for more LEGO :-)
  • wagnerml2wagnerml2 Belleville, IllinoisMember Posts: 1,376
    1009 sets and 200386 pieces! Holy Moly, I hadn't looked at that in quite some time. That doesn't include about 500 pounds of bulk purchased at yard sales, ebay, etc. My dark ages lasted from 1987-2002.

    Wow, I really didn't know I had that many. I hope my wife doesn't count them!!
  • davee123davee123 USAMember Posts: 815
    I've got some historical information of how my collection has grown over time-- sort of interesting to see how my buying habits suddenly went off the deep end as soon as I discovered the online community around mid-1999!

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