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HELP! Need YELLOW/RED Series 1 MIXELS for Son's Christmas Wish!!

nhibbertnhibbert Member Posts: 2
I have some sets to trade if they interest you (2 Whitecap Bay Pirates, Lego Star Wars Wampa Cave, Pharoh's Quest Rise of Sphinx). This is the only thing he's asked for for Christmas.

Willing to trade minifigs from series 4-10 which I have as well.

Willing to buy but Ebay has them way overpriced.


  • theLEGOmantheLEGOman UKMember Posts: 1,525
    Are you after 1 of each or multiples of whichever you can get?
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 19,923
    Seeing as you are new around here, you might want to give some basic info such as what country you are in, as well as some references to other sites where you have sold or traded so people know a bit about you.
    Where are you based nhibbert? Have all Mixels you're looking for but based in Australia!
  • nhibbertnhibbert Member Posts: 2
    Sorry. Yes, I'm a rookie here. I'm in Utah, USA. And I'm feeling stupid as well that the shipping costs would probably make the ebay overpriced amounts seem affordable, if it even came on time. Further, I've never sold anything on any site, so I'm admittedly a risk to sell with.

    But all that aside, what would you guys suggest? No hope to get them in time for Christmas? What's the average shipping cost I should expect? Any other advice?
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,310
    edited December 2014
    I think I have these.
    I'll check in a bit.
  • margotmargot Member Posts: 2,310
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