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Ahoy there

Ahoy! New to the forums. Tend to go toward Castle & Star Wars sets, but I'll buy most any that have some cool parts or even something that's too good of a deal to pass on. 28 years old and haven't had a dark age period. One of my first sets was #6389 that I got for Christmas from my grandparents. Acquired a lot of old space and castle sets when my older brother out-grew his collection.

So yeah, Hi and stuff



  • TarDomoTarDomo FinlandMember Posts: 515
    @Realmwacther I also collect LSW. Do you prefer original trilogy, prequels, Clone Wars, expanded universe or them all? I like all but especially droid army stuff.
  • RealmwatcherRealmwatcher Member Posts: 14
    I usually stick with the 6-movies (and soon to be 7) but if there's something in Expanded Universe that I like or has good parts, I'll grab it.
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