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Lego sorters made from lego

Has anyone got any experience making Lego sorters made from Lego. I don't mean the big complex mindstorms ones but using standard Lego.

A couple of years back I built 3 variants and happened across them last night. None of them were perfect so the itch is still there to do better ones.

The first was a standard 3 levelled model with reducing hole sizes. In principal this is similar to the sorting head that Lego sell.

The second used a conveyor system that could be set at different angles. The bigger pieces would fall back down the conveyor (the belt was made from the common rubber tracks used in many Lego sets e.g. garmatron) and the smaller ones would fall off the end. This was probably the hardest of the 3 to build due to having to stop pieces getting jammed. However, it was the quickest and most automated. It didn't handle much volume though.

The third was a chute with gaps of reducing size further down the chute. Similar in concept to number 1 but with slots instead of holes. I liked this one the most.

The consistent problem seems to be getting the orientation of the pieces consistent, especially for 1and 3. 2 was less prone to this but still had its problems.

Anyone tried anything like this before?


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