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FS (US and UK) Many polys, Research institute, exclusives!

ddbenvinddbenvin Member Posts: 90
selling all, no trades. will ship to US and UK. open to reasonable offers. I also have 4 left of the Palace Cinema stickers for the Lego movie(official)


  • ddbenvinddbenvin Member Posts: 90
    sorry here ya go guys!
  • Gooch21Gooch21 Member Posts: 8
    Would you take 20 U.S. for that tc-14 if that is indeed what that is in the first photo? Also , what are the minibuilds you have , I can't see well enough to get the numbers if there are any.
  • jadedancjadedanc Member Posts: 1,302
    What are you looking fir the RI?
  • ddbenvinddbenvin Member Posts: 90
    @gooc, yes its a TC-14, please message me. @jadedanc‌ 40 shipped in US? I think its well below running rate on it.
  • ddbenvinddbenvin Member Posts: 90
    ILl post list of numbers for everyone today!
  • ddbenvinddbenvin Member Posts: 90
    Magnetic boba Fett
    8028-tie fighter-X2
    8033-General Grievous Dtarfighter
    400042-2012 Cat Minibuild
    Hoth Han Solo
    30112 Friends garden
    30282-Super secret police enforcer
    40065- Blue Jay minibuild-X2
    40109-mini cooper
    40043-Duck Minibuild
    lego movie sticker and build poly promos-X2
    30116-Princess bakery cart
    Flashback Shredde-X2
    40102-airplane minibuild-X2
    martian manhunter
    40108-Balloon Cart
    40064-sheep minibuild
    30113- Friends Bakery Cart
    30265-worriz fire biker
    40036- Forest minibuild
    30280- Piece of resistance
    30250- Ewars Acro Fighter
    41020-hedgehogs hideaway
    lego Movie CMF- Wildstyle sealed
    2series 11 minig

  • ddbenvinddbenvin Member Posts: 90
    still available
  • Kevin_HyattKevin_Hyatt Member Posts: 778
    Are you in US or UK?
    If in UK then please PM me a price and a list of all the polys. Not interested in anything in a box or stickers or magnets etc. Thanks
  • ddbenvinddbenvin Member Posts: 90
    I posted list of all on the description. I'm in US but will ship o UK
  • MogwaiMogwai Member Posts: 7
    Could you do 15$ on a PC sticker? Also whats your price on the spaceman promo?
    Thanks! (I'm in US btw.)
  • ddbenvinddbenvin Member Posts: 90
    yes if your in US. I am open to offer on spaceman
  • MogwaiMogwai Member Posts: 7
    10 seem fair? (Looking at eBay that seems average.)
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