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Hi there, the names Blast.

BlastBlast Member Posts: 10
Hi everyone my name is Blast! or rather that's the name of my minifigure in my avatar. Thought I'd introduce myself as I've been a Lego fan for most of my life, my favourite themes are Bionicle, Racer, City and Creator I do of course get sets from other lines but those four are the main ones I buy.

As a UK fan I've been looking for Events close to me that's the main reason why I joined because I'd love to meet other fans of Lego it often feels like I'm alone in this hobby as very few people I know like Lego as well. Although strangely enough there doesn't seem to be any Events located in Brighton :/ despite having a Lego store.

I look forward to future discussions with everyone!


  • BooTheMightyHamsterBooTheMightyHamster Northern edge of London, just before the dragons...Member Posts: 1,403
    Hello Blast! Welcome to Brickset!
    You must be pleased about the recent Bionicle announcements then?
  • BlastBlast Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the welcome

    Ooh yes I am happy with the revival of Bionicle! Although it seems to be a reboot rather than a continuation. Still I can dig it just makes me feel old that something that was part of my childhood is being rebooted hehe
  • ShibShib UKMember Posts: 5,431
    Hi Blast, welcome to the forum.
    I've been a member since the beginning of the year and in a short time have got a lot more involved in the wider AFOL community. There's a lot going on all the time and this is definitely a good place to keep an eye on for events etc.
  • BlastBlast Member Posts: 10
    Hi Shib thanks for the Welcome! (love the avatar) What events have you attended? I really want to hear opinions from fans on what each event is like.
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