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[US] Minifigures FS/FT: Have LOTR/SW/SH, Want SW

binaryeyebinaryeye Member Posts: 1,831
I'm interested in trading for OT Star Wars minifigures. I'll also sell any of the listed minifigures for the price shown; I accept only PayPal. All minifigures are new, assembled, and complete per BrickLink inventories (thus don't include accessories). I'd prefer to trade for new minifigures but will accept used if in excellent condition. Thanks for looking!


Galaxy Squad
gs007 Dark Azure Robot: $2.00

Lord of the Rings
lor060 Arwen: $5.25
lor062 Frodo: $2.00
lor013 Gimli: $3.25
lor020 Haldir: $12.50

Monster Fighters
mof003 Werewolf: $5.00

Pirates of the Caribbean
poc020 Mermaid: $11.00
poc025 Syrena: $12.25

Star Wars
sw247 Admiral Ackbar: $3.50
sw437 A-Wing Pilot: $5.25
sw520 Imperial Gunner: $3.00
sw434 Malakili: $3.75
sw197 Obi-Wan Kenobi: $4.00
sw416 Pre Vizsla: $14.50
sw217 R2-D2: $4.50
sw548 Sandtrooper: $8.50

Super Heroes
sh047 Arctic Batman: $6.00
sh024 Harley Quinn: $9.25
sh011 Robin: $9.50


Star Wars
sw345 2-1B (from #7879 )
sw401 AT-ST Pilot (from #9679 )
sw262 AT-AT Driver (from #8084 and #8129 )
sw595 Emperor Palpatine (from The Dark Side book)
sw157 Grand Moff Tarkin (from #6211 and #10188 )
sw426 Imperial Officer (from #9509 )
sw560 Jawa (from #75059 )
sw251 Lando Calrissian (from #7754 )
sw338 Logray (from #7956 and #10236 )
sw249 Mon Mothma (from #7754 )
sw485 Princess Leia (from #75020 )
sw427 Rebel Trooper (from #9509 and #75011 )
sw089 Wedge Antilles (from #6212, also interested in helmet only)
sw513 Wicket (from #10236 )
sw471 Yoda (from #75017 )
sw260 Zev Senesca (from #8083 and #8089 )


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