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Set Value Topic

Let's help eachother out and determine values for sets!

So. I may plan to sell my 358 Rocket Base, but what value would it be? It's missing a few parts, parts that are there are are definitely the real old deal and are in GREAT condition (with the exception of about two/three), box is also intact with a few scratches and tape on it, no instructions. I value it at around €30, but how much is it actually worth? Does anyone know?


  • graphitegraphite USMember Posts: 3,260
    What things are "actually" worth is what someone else is willing to pay. Your best bet for this is not a thread like this but to just look at the price guide for the set on Bricklink ( or see if there are sold histories on ebay.
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,130
    edited October 2014
    Fortunately for WoutStopmotion, his 358 set does have quite a number of sets selling on Bricklink. With many pre-1980 sets the number of a specific set can be quite limited or even non-existent for many older sets.

    When I first started my Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide back in 2007, it covered the years 1949-80, with 10,156 prices... that I had gleaned from Ebay and Bricklink over the years, as well as use "set comparables" (as they do on Antiques Roadshow) to put together this pricelist. And I followed the collectibles grading system, using 4 of their grades... "VG", "EX", "MIB" and "MISB".

    Now that my updated collectors guide goes well into the 1990s, I left the "Insurance Price Guide" as it was (ending in 1980) since newer sets are so easy to find either on Bricklink or Ebay.

    Here's a sample of part of my 400 page guide (I have separate identical guides, one in dollars and one in Euros).... this one is in Euros... for all the Homemaker LEGO Sets...

    I must make one caveat.... this was never really intended as a "retail price" guide... but more as an "insurance" guide.

    With the vast differences that 2 different auctions for the same item can make (as they say on the Antiques Roadshow.... "and on a good day, it may sell for even more"), using a price guide for any LEGO set can be trickly, since prices may fluctuate, or you may have 2 deep pocketed bidders who really want a particular item, and the price goes thru the roof. I have seen two of the same condition 610 "Double Wheel Toy" from Canada sell for $18 for one, and $383 for the other... within 8 months of each other!!

    My 800 page "Insurance Price Guide" (400 pages in dollars and 400 pages in Euros)... is part of my "for sale" Unofficial LEGO Sets/Parts Collectors Guide, as a desktop downloadf (2800 pages in total), and is available in Brickset Marketplace, as well as currently mentioned on the Brickset frontpage article on early LEGO in Britain. And each item has the VG, EX, MIB and MISB pricing info.
  • IstokgIstokg MichiganMember Posts: 2,130
    edited October 2014
    I did forget to mention that my "Insurance Price Guide".... being a documented source... it had 4 pleasant unintended consequences for some folks.... in 2 instances of USPS insurance claims, as well as 2 instances of Paypal cases against receiving "items not as advertised" goods... I was able to help all 4 folks get their money back in all 4 instances.

    In all these cases.... USPS and Paypal were not willing to use online sales figures as a valid reference source for determining valuation, especially the USPS folks... But they WERE willing to use by guide as documented proof. It can at times be very difficult getting them to pay out. I'm not sure if this is today still the case, but the folks I was able to help seemed to be at the end of their proverbial rope!

    For anyone who has purchased my guide and needed help afterwards... I've been always inclined help out! ;-)
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