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(Czech Republic) Selling LEGO STAR WARS MINIFIGURES !!!

cidavcidav Member Posts: 10
edited August 2014 in Marketplace

I am selling in a bigger ammount these LEGO STAR WARS minifigures: (all of them are genuine, ask for my own photos! From my personal collection!) Brand NEW, only displayed.

I have got these:

Astromech Droid(75039) (30pcs)
A. Skywalker (75038) (50pcs)
Commander Gree (15 pcs)
Elite Corps Trooper (150 pcs)
Battalion Trooepr (100 pcs)
Airborne Clone Trooper (100 pcs)
Kashyyyk Clone Trooper (150 pcs)
Tie Fighter Pilot (80 pcs)
Imperial Gunner (100 pcs)
Royal Guard (100 pcs)
Saleucami Clone Trooper (50 pcs)
Plo Koon (10 pcs)
R2-D2 (15 pcs)
Chewbacca (20 pcs)
Can be sold in a bigger ammount or only for one minifigs...

Worldwide shipping.

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  • JHarveyJHarvey Member Posts: 1
  • cidavcidav Member Posts: 10

    thank you for your interest,

    Now, I am on holidays but I can send you some photos which I have got saved on my phone...

    All of the figs are brand new, never played...

    About the price, If you take all of these minifigures I can give you 75% of the lowest price of the price (don't mind If used or new)

    Thank you,

  • BazookaJoeX9BazookaJoeX9 Member Posts: 98
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