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[US - Austin, TX / Round Rock, TX] - Discounts at HEB Plus in Round Rock

PdyxPdyx Member Posts: 8
So I frequent the HEB Plus in Round Rock, TX as it's near where I work. I always peruse the Lego aisle. RARELY do they ever have anything on clearance, as far as Lego goes, but today was different. I saw them unpacking lots of new Lego (I'd never seen a box of unpacked Lego before, should have took a pic). The main discounts I noticed were on TMNT, City (Coast Guard) and a few other random ones in other themes (One set in Star Wars, LOTR, etc). Some of the discounts are slightly better than current Amazon discounts, including: TMNT Dragonbike for 18.73 and TMNT Stealth Shell in Pursuit for 14.98.

Just a heads up if anyone else lives in the area and is interested. I can also go back tomorrow and get more prices if it'd be helpful to anyone. I might go back and pick up some of those TMNT sets.


  • vadangvadang Member Posts: 47
    HEB Plus in Houston also had some sets on clearance. A few star wars, #70404, and a few Chima sets. It was only 20% from retail from what I remember.
  • PdyxPdyx Member Posts: 8
    edited November 2014
    Once again the HEB in Round Rock has several sets discounted. Interestingly, brand new Hobbit sets are discounted already. The Witch King is $11 and some change.
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