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SW / SH Polybags for trade (US)

BazookaJoeX9BazookaJoeX9 Member Posts: 98
I have the following polybags for trade:
#30247 x2
#30302 x2

I'm looking for the following:
Polybags (Will trade more than one of my ploys )
- Hulk (Minifig)
- Shirtless Darth Maul
- TC-14

Bane (Light Flesh Hands)
Poison Ivy
Power Man

General Grievous (75040)
Luke Skywalker (celebration)
Plo Koon (75045)
R2-D2 (Snowman)
Santa Darth Maul
Santa Yoda

Any other offers feel free to send them my way. Thanks all!


  • ChrisbstmChrisbstm USAMember Posts: 151
    @BazookaJoeX9‌ I have a TC 14, but don't need anything on you have list here. I have my want list under the same username as here if you wanna see if you have anything on it, Mebbe we could work something out?
  • BazookaJoeX9BazookaJoeX9 Member Posts: 98
    Forgot to mention, I can also get:
  • BazookaJoeX9BazookaJoeX9 Member Posts: 98
    Sorry for the bump. I also have a sealed Good Morning Bilbo Baggins for trade.
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