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Whining thread - life is so hard and unfair

jack_bricksjack_bricks Member Posts: 78
So for everybody who is tired of those threads, please just don’t read it. I was browsing thru older sets and the ones I would like to buy and of course the popular ones come to mind. I have to admit I missed the glory years of the now extremely expensive sets like the Carousel, Café Corner, Green Grocer,… Those sets have reached a price level that I just can’t afford anymore and it probably even get more expensive as time passes on. But when I look back at around 2000 how many Sets were reissued and nowadays none, makes me sad. Even to part the set together is more or less the same as if you buy a used one. Or lately I had the idea to add another wagon to my Emerald Night Train – those window pieces are so expensive that you almost pay an arm and a leg just for the windows. Or like the Sound brick from the carousel, 100 € just for a sound brick and even more expensive are the covers. Or the 1x8 Sandgreen Brick for the Green Grocer

I don’t understand why Lego just doesn’t do anything to make such sets available for those people who were in the dark ages or just haven’t had the money back then or mum & dad would not spend so much, even if you have to brick it together.


  • PaperballparkPaperballpark UKMember Posts: 3,379

    I don’t understand why Lego just doesn’t do anything to make such sets available for those people who were in the dark ages or just haven’t had the money back then or mum & dad would not spend so much, even if you have to brick it together.

    Business reasons which you obviously don't understand. Don't worry, you're not alone, there's loads of people who moan at TLG for not doing something they specifically want to be done. Maybe you could form some kind of self-helpwhinging group?

    Seriously dude, life isn't fair; get used to it.

  • arl100arl100 Member Posts: 35
    edited June 2014
    I fully understand where you are coming from. I emerged from my Dark Ages in late 2011, with Cafe, Grocer and other fantastic sets long gone.

    After having bought Grand Emporium as my first modular, I had my heart set on obtaining the others. I did not buy from listings that were 'stupidly priced'. The easiest thing to do is play the waiting game. Comb eBay thoroughly and look for the very occasional cheap Buy It Now, or auctions. Sometimes 2 or 3 Green Grocers in relatively the same condition have a good gap in end price. Serach for one you are happy with.

    If you can manage with your sets without boxes, you can certainly take a portion off the price. Boxed Cafe Corners can make over £500, whereas one without a box can generally be obtained for around £350 - £400, possibly less.

    From what I can gather, Lego's previous attempts at reissues of late '80s & early '90s sets were somewhat unsuccessful, branded as their 'Legends' series. This was remakes of Fort Legoredo, Enchanted Island and others around that period. They probably follow the good advice of only getting stung once.

    Having Bricklink'd a Market Street, I am fully aware of the secondary market prices. There are those that will deliberately charge a high price for pieces in that set or very few others. Sadly, that is the effect of the secondary market forces. Rather than buying the expensive parts, I have simply substituted them for the same part in a different colour, or a similar part. Substantially cheaper, and you still get a relatively accurate model at the end.

    Just my nuggets of wisdom for the day :)
  • CircleKCircleK U.S. - Columbus, OhioMember Posts: 1,055
    edited June 2014
    I feel ya. It sucks, but that really is the nature of collecting anything isn't it? There is always going to be that coin, stamp, lego set, comic, ceramic doll, whatever that just isn't obtainable and will always be something you long for as a collector.

    There is a positive in it though. The fact that you don't have them all is in a sense liberating since you won't feel obligated to buy future releases you may not like all in the name of having a "complete" collection. It's already incomplete, so just buy what you can afford and what you enjoy and forget about the others. The best thing is to just move forward with your collection and not look back. Because even used or bricklinked models don't come cheap now.

    I couldn't take my own advice and paid entirely too much to have a CC and GG. Trust me when I say that move doesn't come without a certain amount of regret either.
  • DadDad UKMember Posts: 813
    As @Paperballpark says, gotta get used to it. People talking this subject always refer to them same sets. What about the person now who can't afford, lets say, Haunted House.
    5 Years time when they can, they'll be saying the same thing. Yet I'm sure you'll be moaning then if Lego reissue all the current sets of today that you can afford to buy now just so the people who can't afford to buy today can buy them in the future.

    I'd like to buy plenty of toys from 1969 to 1975 era. I do buy some but guess what? I have to pay the going price for them because they don't make them anymore.

    If Lego did for everyone what you want them to do for you then we'll all miss out because they'll be out of business.
  • TechnicNickTechnicNick Berkshire, UKMember Posts: 277
    If this is all you have to complain about, life isn't so bad is it ?
  • theLEGOmantheLEGOman UKMember Posts: 1,505
    It would be quite cool if every year the public could vote for 1 model to be re released.
  • scrumperscrumper UKMember Posts: 323
    Yes, life is hard and unfair, it's also short so it's a shame to spend it whining.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,284

    So for everybody who is tired of those threads, please just don’t read it.

    If this were merely a difference of opinion, I'd support this approach. But there is already a thread with lengthy discussion on the topic and it's both for the benefit of the discussion and the forum overall to contain it in a single place:
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