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Minifigure Torso Stickers

BritcomBritcom Member Posts: 28
I am slightly confused as to why Minifigures are listed on BrickLink, and replicated on Brickset, without their Torso Stickers when they clearly have one. I understand some figures are in multiple sets, both with and without. But when a figure appears in only one set and has a Torso Sticker attached in all the pictures, why is this figure catalogued as having a plain torso?

For Example: Set 30196

This set contains three Minifigures, RAC051, RAC052 and RAC053. In all the packet and instructions artwork these three Minifigures appear with their Torso Stickers attached. But these three figures are listed and catalogued on Bricklink as officially having plain Torsos.

Now it may just be me, but surely if a Minifigure appears in only one set and the set contains Torso Stickers which the instructions tell you to attach; And if the Minifigure is shown in all the pictures as having the Sticker attached, then surely this Minifigure officially has a Stickered Torso and should be listed as such. Rather than having the Stickered versions of these Minifigures listed as 'Unofficial Alternatives'. This is same as the early Fire and Police sets where all the Minifigures have Stickered Torsos, but are officially listed as having Plain Torsos.

I think if a Minifigure has a Torso Sticker attached in every set it appears in, it should be listed as such.


  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,554
    If the figure is new, then it doesn't have the sticker attached. If it has the sticker attached, it is used.

    Although, I agree, it is a bit strange. The inventory doesn't even include the sticker, you need to buy the sticker sheet for the set to get the correct sticker for the minifig.
  • akunthitaakunthita USAMember Posts: 1,034
    Please note that BrickLink is not an inventory like Brickset. Its primary purpose is to be a marketplace for people to buy and sell LEGO. It just happens to be also the best inventory, but again, this is from the seller/buyer perspective, not from the perpective of cataloging LEGO sets. So it makes sense that minifigures and parts are as they come out of the box, not with stickers attached.

    Many people never attach the stickers either to parts or minifigs, and many people do want to buy them without stickers for their own MOCs. So to list both versions is important, with the unstickered being primary. Also, an important thing to remember is that many sellers buy used LEGO in bulk from random lots. Their goal is to put those on the market as soon as possible, not completing and restoring minifigs and sets like they supposed to be in an original LEGO set (although some people do that too, but these are mostly doing it for their own pleasure, not for reselling).

    If I'm building a City and want some random minifigs I want to be able to buy unstickered versions of various torsos. I don't want buy stickered ones and having to remove it. On the other hand collectors would likely want the stickered version, or buy a fresh sticker-sheet. All of these options are available on BL. And that's a good thing...(c:
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