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CMF trades, looking for Movie, various series available to swap (UK)

struddiestruddie UKMember Posts: 87

I'm looking to complete my Movie CMF collection before The Simpsons series arrives. I need the following:
Marsha Queen of the Mermaids
Velma Staplebot
Mrs. Scratchen-Post
Calamity Drone

I have available:

William Shakespeare
Panda Guy
Hard Hat Emmet
Wiley Fusebot

Series 5
Cavewoman x 2
Zoo Keeper x 2

Series 8
Vampire Bat
Pirate Captain

Series 9
Mr. Good & Evil

Series 10
Sky Diver x 2

Series 11
Welder x 3
Scientist x 3
Mountain Climber

All CMFs have been opened to check contents and then sealed in a grip seal bag, never touched or assembled. As all the wanted figs are the rarer ones I'm ok with trading more than one for one - i.e. 3 of mine for 2 of my wanted ones. I'm open to offers, if anyone has all four available I'd be happy to arrange a deal :)


  • struddiestruddie UKMember Posts: 87
    I also have the following polybags available:

    #30282 Super Secret Police Enforcer
    #30280 The Piece of Resistance
    #40025 New York Taxi
    #5001121 BR LEGO Minifigure x 2
    #40049 Sopwith Camel x 2
    #40056 Thanksgiving
    #40010 Father Christmas with Sledge Building Set
    #40035 Rocking Horse

    And an odd Sebulba - Moveable Arms (sw326)
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