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bixtrixx77: Hello

bixtrix77bixtrix77 Member Posts: 53
edited November 2011 in Introduce yourself
Hi All,
Reason for posting was reading a link on the Brickset homepage saying about the newspaper article and the video of the journalist with the technic truck and thinking he admits to enjoying it! I feel a bit too old to be posting on here but here goes.

I'm 34 years old and have a son of 5 that loves Lego. It seems to have got me hooked on it AGAIN too!
I used to have a lot of Space and Castle lego when I were a lad and also tecnic.
I got my first second wave of set on my 30th Birthday. It was the darth vader transformation set and was bought as a joke. SOOOO it's there fault! Since then I went on ebay and bout about 50 or so different mini figures from stormtroopers, boba fett, gamorrean guard, bib fortuna etc etc.....
I seem to be hooked on Harry potter at the moment and managed to buy a few expensive sets for my son 'cough cough' Trouble I'm having is he's a bit of a chewer so he is watched with eagle eyes at the moment.
I just wondered if there are many more like me out there?


  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,963
    Welcome Neil! You're never too old for LEGO and at 34 you're a youngster!
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ NZMember Posts: 4,179
    34? Youre probably about the average age on here I reckon.
    Hi and welcome to the fold
    I was into space and technic when I was young too - did you see the argos catalogue scans someone put on here this week? Brought back lots of memories for me.
    Best stock up on the potter before they stop making it - I for one am going to miss it a lot.
  • drdavewatforddrdavewatford Hertfordshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 6,706
    Too old to post on here ? You're younger than me !
  • LegogeekLegogeek Orange County, CaliforniaMember Posts: 711
    I know there are older, but I'm 52... so you're never too old! Welcome to the forum youngling.
  • StuBoyStuBoy New ZealandMember Posts: 623
    We're all like you I think! I've starting buying City sets for my 2 year old, but its almost like an off-shoot of my own collection. I have seen a few of my own minifigs somehow make it into his LEGO Box though! I'm 32, been collecting again for about 3-4 years, this year almost out of control!
  • bixtrix77bixtrix77 Member Posts: 53
    edited November 2011
    Thanks for your comments. I must admit I did jump in without looking at any other introductions and am pleased I'm not the odd one out. ha ha ha
    I'll just have to convice the wife now! Although i have convinced her to let me buy endor bunker, hp burrow and the winter post office in the last few weeks. Just need to get on building now!
    Thanks again,
  • bixtrix77bixtrix77 Member Posts: 53
    Stuboy...I know what you mean!!! It's a bug isn't it?
  • bixtrix77bixtrix77 Member Posts: 53
    Si_dorking....i`ll have ti check out scans. I love looking at all that old stuff. i have the odd bit of real old lego kitchen stuff. the big cupboards and shelves and old big people!
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