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LEGOLand Florida

skyhouse30skyhouse30 Member Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Community and Events
I'm heading to legoland florida next week. Anyone know if they sell anything worthwhile buying that is not available from Lego stores or TRU? Also, where is the best place to buy tickets?



  • skyhouse30skyhouse30 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you
  • SkullsNDogBonesSkullsNDogBones Member Posts: 12
    I am in Florida for work and may have a chance to visit Legoland. I have heard that the Legoland Discovery Centers don't allow adults without children, but what about Legoland proper? If adults unaccompanied by children are allowed, is it worth going to, or would my time and money be better spent elsewhere? With only one full day off while I am here, I don't want to waste it. If I am allowed to go and if it is worth visiting, does anyone know if there are discount coupons/tickets available? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

    --Heather (SkullsNDogBones)
  • brickgrrlbrickgrrl Member Posts: 6
    We went a couple months ago (Dec 2013). I can't tell you about going without a kid, since I had mine along, but you could call them.

    To other folks who might be thinking about taking kids: there was plenty to suit my seven year old, but the one area towards the front of the park targeted to littler kids was all under construction, so my toddler had to mostly spectate. Some rides had weirdly high ride requirements so that she couldn't ride them. For example, you can take a toddler on all the Fantasyland rides (including Dumbo!), but you can't take a toddler on the Legoland ride that is a slow-moving vehicle on a track. I don't think I'll go back again until my toddler is tall enough to ride the kiddie rides. It just isn't toddler-friendly, and I don't think that having the toddler area would have substantially improved the situation, since that's one area at the front of a very big park.

    I think an AFoL would enjoy Legoland. I certainly did. The Miniland area was really neat (caveat: I'm a major town/city fan), as are the many Lego statues throughout the park.

    As for stuff to do beyond drooling over bricks: it leans in the roller coaster direction. If that's your thing, great. Lines were very very short when we were there (especially compared to Magic Kingdom the previous day). It was basically walk-on to anything you wanted to ride. Oh, and there's some old-school Florida kitsch thrown in, too (i.e. the ski show).

    The pick-a-brick wall had a MUCH bigger selection than Lego stores (I've been to three, including Downtown Disney), including common AFoL-useful colors (greys, tan, etc) and somewhat unusual (some purples, pinks, dark green) although some of the parts were nonsensical (doors without frames, that sort of thing). However, prices are by the quarter pound, NOT by the cup, and I estimated afterwards that I'd paid about twice what I'd have paid for a comparable amount of bricks at a Lego store. No points, either.

    There are Lego shops all over throughout the park. Selection was huge. Sets were full price, and no VIP points. There was one store with clearance deals, but what they had when I was there was pretty minimal, mostly gear, not sets. (There were some bricks to be had in the calendar and pencil holders, if I remember correctly. YMMV, of course.)

    Parking is goofy expensive, welcome to Orlando. Except you're actually an hour outside of Orlando.

    So, in short: no crowds, walk onto anything you want. Miniland and the statues are neat. Shopping is nothing to write home about.
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    @brckgrrl, Thanks for the info. I hope to make a quick visit soon and expect to buy very little after my experiences at the Parks in Germany, CA and Malaysia. With extra bag rates so high on airlines now, it does not make sense to buy anything if you have to fly unless the prices are much higher in your home country or if you are looking for a hat, tee or keychain from that specific Park.

    Miniland is the big attraction for me, and is well worth the trip. I hope that they finish the Duplo area makeover soon because that is a key area for parents with little ones.

    @SkullsNDogBones , Let us know how it goes at FL LL. Cheers!
  • JeffHJeffH Member Posts: 173
    edited February 2014
    Legoland and Lego Discovery Centers are operated by the British Merlin Group. My local Discovery Center will give 5% discount if you show them your Lego VIP card but no points earned or spent. This is fairly new policy change so may be worth to ask at the Legoland as well.
  • baronbaron Member Posts: 106
    I was there about a year and a half ago. They had an option where you paid the entry ticket, and were allowed to spend up to 90 mins in the park. If you spent a certain amount at the stores (if forget how much...50-75$?), they refunded your ticket and your parking.

    So in those 90 mins we got to quickly explore the park and bought a few exclusive items...
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    Had a great visit to LL FL on Monday a gorgeous, sunny day. Was there to see Miniland, which was outstanding as usual. This is the fourth LL Park on my Bucket List of all six Parks. I went with an AFOL friend who has a lifetime pass and kindly provided my ticket.

    As to Miniland, there was a large section on Florida which had some fantastic builds. My only complaint is that Key West and especially Miami's South Beach were very small and deserved much more representation with their importance in drawing visitors to FL. The large Pirates section was superb! The other sections were similar to those at LL California representing Vegas, DC, NYC, etc., so I did not spend much time looking at them again except for DC because it is my favorite big city in the US and the builds are spectacular.

    This is a huge Park with lush foliage that is mature because it was planted 50 years ago or more. As Cypress Gardens in an earlier life, it drew millions of tourists to its well known water shows. There still is an arena facing the water for water skiing exhibitions. And there is a huge greenhouse of lush plants adjacent to this area. It will take a very long day for an adult or two days with kids to see most of this Park. As I had only 4 hours in the Park, I just focused on Miniland and three of the 14 shops.

    The Big Store was similar to that in the California Park with lots of sets, clothing and little items at regular prices. We lucked out in that they had just restocked the Extreme Store, which offers major discounts on sets and some other items. My friend found several Haunted House and other sets marked down 30 to 50 percent. I purchased just a few of the small mini fig display cases for 5US, which was half price. And a few tees and hats for friends who had requested something. There were no keychains that said LL Florida, which was a huge disappointment because that is a popular, easy to carry home gift. The PAB wall in the parts store had a lot of variety, but nothing I needed. And it is expensive per piece.

    Beware that driving from this Park back to the Orlando airport can take hours, so leave at least 3 hours before your return flight. And print your boarding pass that morning at your hotel. I left 2:40 before my Southwest flight, and missed my flight by five minutes because their boarding pass printers did not work at the airport forcing those without checked bags to wait in 45 minute lines for a boarding pass. Security lines can be long and slow, and then there was a tram ride to my terminal and of course, the last gate for my flight...a very, very long walk. Also rental car check in may take an hour.

    If you miss your flight, the Marriott Renaissance is a nice place just two miles away with an airport shuttle 24/7 so you can make your early morning plane. I took the 5.30AM shuttle to make certain that I made the 7.20AM flight. There was an $100. rate online, which is rare during the peak season. This was an expensive trip for me...$260. for the airfare from Raleigh, $225. for two nights of hotel, and $60. for one day of a rental car. With another $100. spent in the Park, it came to around $700. without the entrance ticket. (Not sure how families afford these Parks...)

    It is worth it because this is a REALLY NICE PARK! The landscaping is just outstanding! The plants look so healthy and lush that it feels like paradise. Do beware that Duploland is still under construction; wait until it is reopened to take your toddlers or you will feel ripped off because it was closed. And weekdays are better than weekends and holidays if you don't care for crowds. Happy travels!
  • richardh4388richardh4388 Member Posts: 132
    I am travelling from the UK to Florida in the Summer with my 2 kids, 9 and 14. The eldest one isn't that bothered about rides and my youngest loves lego and rides. What would people recommend: rides, shows, areas to visit? Are there any exclusives in the stores?
    Any advice will be welcomed
  • CoyotelilyCoyotelily God's Own County, UKMember Posts: 660
    Hi Richard I have just sent you a PM
  • richardh4388richardh4388 Member Posts: 132
    Got it. Cheers
  • SkullsNDogBonesSkullsNDogBones Member Posts: 12
    Thanks for all the input, everyone! Due to my work schedule and lack of a personal vehicle, I ended up not being able to go to Lego Land this time around. I will be back in FL for two more weeks of work and if things go my way, I may get a chance then, but it depends on where exactly they send me. I could be near Orlando, or as far away as Lake City an I won't know until I get there. Maybe I will have to save up for a trip another time.
  • legogallegogal USMember Posts: 755
    Sometimes rental cars there are incredibly cheap, especially if you reserve one in advance. I have paid 60US a day and 15US a day during the past month depending on where the car was rented. So do check out the rates once you get the dates of your posting. We had good luck with Thrifty one time, and Sixt the other. Good luck!
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