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What do you think about my super modified 8297 Off Roader?

DublinBay15DublinBay15 Member Posts: 7
edited February 2014 in Building and Techniques
Still has the medium motor powering the front winch and the suspension height, but an XL motor was used for the rear winch. Very powerful, could pull the lego car vertically into the air. It has 5 pairs of LED headlights, which have been installed on their own switch instead of directly from the battery box. All of the body plastics, hood, doors, and fenders have been switched out with the parts from the Street Sensation (8448). Other parts have been changed from gray to red and white. The rims are special edition black rims, and I also have red custom rims that I have painted myself. Other miscellaneous items include two bottles of nitrous under the hood, and an air intake/supercharger on top of the engine block. The block has been converted to clear instead of gray. Exhaust has also been added, which extends all the way from the engine block and ends right before the rear tires on both sides. Pictures included that show the gray body are from when I was experimenting with the suspension, before I spent more than $100 on the new body parts. One item removed is a hitch that I installed previous to the rear winch. During the period with the hitch, the rear suspension was stiffened to accommodate the extra weight. Right now, the front suspension has been softened due to the light weight and inability to have suspension flex without extra pressure. Please give me any critical/positive feedback, as I take anything into consideration. Thanks


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