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For Sale/Trade: Various sealed sets, looking for minifigures and (mostly 2014) sets (UK)

TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Member Posts: 1,372
edited February 2014 in Marketplace
Hi again!

I have a few sealed sets available to trade, so started a new thread to make them clearer. For all these sets I am willing to trade/sell them at lower than or at their UK RRP. I may add sets to this list in the coming weeks. I'll indicate approximate trade/sale values for each. All boxes are mint or near mint and will be packaged with care :-)

#70702 Warp Stinger £15
#70709 Galactic Titan £55
#79105 Baxter Robot Rampage £30
#50003 Batman £20
#50011 LotR Battle of Helms Deep £20
#3866 SW Battle of Hoth £15

Trades and sales of Galactic Titan are UK only due to weight, unless you can live with it either deboxed or without instructions I guess! I will only consider selling outside the EU, but be warned as postage gets expensive very quickly (for example, it's over £20 to send just #50003 and #50011 to North America). I will consider all UK trades and most EU trades. I have sold or traded to lots of members all over the world, so buy/trade with confidence! :-)

For all UK trades weighing over 1kg, I will use myHermes, otherwise I will use Royal Mail. Overseas trades will be sent by Royal Mail.


Main priority is other sets as indicated in my Brickset wanted list: - ignore the unreleased sets! I expect 2014 sets to be new and sealed, any others on this list I will consider complete, excellent used condition too :-)

Also looking for various minifigures (I wish there was a way to make your Brickset minifig wanted list public!). They don't have to be new, I will accept excellent used condition too :-)

njo088 Cyrus Borg
njo093 Nindroid Drone
tlm027 Wyldstyle with hood folded down
Unikitty from #70803
sw163 Kit Fisto
sw486 Max Rebo
sw241 Onaconda Farr
sw328 Wald
sw325 Watto
Plo Koon (will consider any version)
tlm055 Robo SWAT with goggles
sh102 Green Goblin (this is instead of #76016 on my wanted list, as this is all I'm really interested in!)

To assess trade values, I will use Brickset RRP's for 2014 sets, and average Bricklink prices for the minifigs.

I'm happy to provide shipping quotes and listen to all offers, please PM me. Photos provided on request.

Thanks for looking!


  • TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Member Posts: 1,372
    I also have a sealed #70705 Bug Obliterator that I'll sell or trade for £40

    I should mention that all these prices are all equal to or lower than UK BL and eBay prices as long as international buyers can pay in GBP via Paypal, plus I will only ever charge actual postage :-)

    Thanks for looking!
  • TheOneVeyronianTheOneVeyronian Member Posts: 1,372
    All still available, I no longer have the space for these so they need to go at some point I guess! These are already cheap prices compared to BL and eBay, but I'll take reasonable offers.

    If anyone in the mainland UK wants them all, I'll do the entire lot for £200 shipped (by gift Paypal if possible), or if you wish to use cash and collect from Middlesex (just north of J3 M4), £185, considerably lower than the combined RRP in either case. Again I will listen to near offers or trades :-)
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