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Why Is This The Case?

The_IveysThe_Iveys USA::Florida::ValricoMember Posts: 64
So as part of my ongoing inventory efforts, I came across a part I couldn't find in the Brickset DB. So as is my habit, I then checked Brickowl. I found the piece on Brickowl, but not the PartID, color, etc. So I Googled the part number I had jotted down previously. I got back a Brickset result that - according to the preview text under the link - would have all the info I needed. I clicked on the link and got a blank screen:

So I clicked the down arrow on the Google result to get the cached version, which lo and behold, had all the part info:

So, this leads me to the question: what happened here? I am new to the site so don't have all the back stories... is there a specific reason this data was seemingly removed from the active database? Or is this a bug of some kind?



  • FrictionPinFrictionPin Member Posts: 144
    Just a guess here but it appears that all the CMF (Collectible MiniFigure) torso parts show the same issue during a quick test. Maybe they have been removed or reclassified, maybe they are no longer shown as separate parts but as a whole figure only.

    Searching for your part number on Bricklink seems to yeild the information you are looking for. Results below from searching "Parts" for 4610023...
  • The_IveysThe_Iveys USA::Florida::ValricoMember Posts: 64
    Thanks FrictionPin... I generally have issues finding 2 pieces of information outside of Brickset and Brickowl: The 6/7 digit PartID, and the 4/5 digit DesignID. I have used Bricklink to advantage previously... but the DesignID is one of the key pieces of info I needed, so no Bricklink for me this time... LOL!! :)

    Thanks again!!!
  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,014
    edited January 2014
    I think early series CMF inventories have been removed from LEGO Customer Services so when I re-imported them just before xmas they weren't found.

    I have the old data in a backup but haven't reinstated it yet.
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