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myBrickset Android App



  • sicherlsicherl Member Posts: 5
    how looks with a feature to search sets there have more as xxx parts, example 50, 100, 500 or user can write self how much.
    because it would be easier to find sets for the wanted list, im not a fan of sets with under 100 parts except minifig collection, maybe other people too
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    I'll have a look at adding the option to the search menu.
  • RykeerRykeer Member Posts: 35
    Love the app, I do have a few suggestions:

    1. Sync on wifi only option (I have a very limited data plan so this would be great)

    2. Scheduled sync. This would be great with the sync on wifi only, as I'm usually in places that have good wifi, but poor data.

    3. In the search sets section, the option to clear the set number/name/etc. fields with a single press. An example of this would in Percent Calculator (Free). I can clear each field by clicking on an x and immediately type in what I need.

    Please keep up the good work. It's been a great help when shopping for sets and verifying "sale" and "clearance" prices.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    Hi @Rykeer. Glad you like the app, please consider leaving a review on Play if you haven't already :)

    1. Thanks for confirming that this isn't already implemented! I don't have a data plan (one of the reasons I wrote the app) so it's been hard for me to test, I shall have to sign up for one so I can look into this - it's definitely on my 'todo' list! Related to this, I'm going to implement an option to only download new images (preview or full size) on wifi (so you can still get your data, but leave the data gobbling images until later).

    2. ATM the app relies on Google's Sync Service to sync 'whenever it feels like', it's scheduled for a minimum of once every 24 hours but could be more frequently. I'll investigate ways of overriding this, but in the meantime you can go into settings and activate "Manual Refresh" - the app will then only sync when you press the refresh icon on the main page.

    3. There's a 'clear all' button in the top right of the search page - it looks like an 'X'. If you'd like the ability to clear individual fields, I'll have to investigate different approaches (as ideally the same UI will be used for text fields & drop lists).

    Thanks for the useful feedback!

  • RykeerRykeer Member Posts: 35
    Hi @RikTheVeggie,

    Thanks, I had seen the manual refresh, but hadn't realized that was what it was for (been quite a while since I looked at the options last). I've seen the program update at seemingly random times, I saw it update around noon last Sunday, and then around 9 or 10 pm on Monday. Could just be that it wasn't able to make a connection until that particular time.

    As to the 'clear all' Doh! Despite it being fairly large sized, I hadn't noticed it. I think I might have thought it was to close the search window--just had never tried it. :)

    If it helps, at all, I'm running myBrickset on a Google Galaxy Nexus with Android OS 4.2.2.
  • Nadana86Nadana86 Member Posts: 65
    I'd like to add my +1 for € prices and minifigs from other themes to be included but I get the problems with both ;-) Just saying that this would be the cherry on top...
  • sicherlsicherl Member Posts: 5
    i found a bug, if i click on "download missing thumbs" than all pictures from lg folder will deleted.
  • FenrisAkashiFenrisAkashi Member Posts: 242

    In regards to checking data caps, you should be able to grab some of the Data monitoring apps available in play to test with saying yourself the hassle of dealing with any new plans.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    @sicherl - that's why 'advanced options' has the warning 'not recommended' :) They're mainly there for helping me diagnose / fix issues, but I'll take a look at it.

    @FenrisAkashi - thanks. I've figured out how to check if the internet connection is via data rather than wifi, now just need to find time to code it!
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    @sicherl - looks like I'd edited the function for local testing and forgot to put it back! I'm currently pushing out a new apk to fix a 2.1/2.2 issue and improve sync performance, the fix for "download missing thumbs" is in there too. Thanks for the bug report :)
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    @Rykeer @FenrisAkashi - I've updated myBrickset now to allow the network usage to be controlled in the settings. There are 4 settings for now (with 3 possible values - Always, WiFi Only, Never), please let me know if you see a need for more or would like the current default values changed.
    The settings are:
    Sync (controls the entire sync process with - defaults to "Always"
    Thumbnails (downloads small images during sync) - defaults to "Always"
    Thumbnails on demand (downloads small images whilst viewing list results) - defaults to "Always"
    HQ Images (downloads large images when viewing set details) - defaults to "WiFi Only.

    For reference, the average thumbnail size is 6KB and it be cached.
    The sync data varies by how many sets you own / want, but is XML so is quite large. For my sets, it comes to 337KB. I need to run some data monitoring tools to see if this is compressed between the site and my receipt (most sites compress text data automatically), this would reduce it to approx 20KB.

    If you get the chance, please download and give it a go then LMK what you think. The apk is available here.
  • RykeerRykeer Member Posts: 35
    Thanks @RikTheVeggie I've downloaded and installed it. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    edited June 2013
    @Rykeer - and I've just finished the 'clear' icon on the edit boxes. The flikr image is too large to embed, so here's the link. (the clear icon is on all edit texts on all screens, I just show it here on one for simplicity).
  • RykeerRykeer Member Posts: 35
    @RikTheVeggie That looks great. So far the last build has been great. I haven't noticed it trying to sync without wifi, but I'll keep an eye on it.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    Thanks, LMK if you see anything!
  • sicherlsicherl Member Posts: 5
    edited June 2013
    how looks to manually exclude sets from specific themes?
    for me as example, i dont have or want sets from duplo, Education, Games and others. it would be nice for me if the search function dont find sets from themes that i have excluded, for example if i search what comes out 2013. if more people use it than your app make lesser traffic for downloading thumbnails, because pictures from excluded themes dont must be downloaded
  • LeonCLeonC United KingdomMember Posts: 364
    Would be good to be able to sort my have/want lists by number of parts (i.e. big sets first). Also, some way to exclude cmfs from these lists, as you already have separate cmf categories. And when sorting by price, can we select which currency, as the order can be quite different between US and UK.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    @sicherl - I'm planning on introducing an 'advanced search' feature which would be capable of doing this (and allow you to save searches for later) but it probably won't be in next release (1.7) - if I get enough time then I'll try to include it (maybe by having an option to exclude specified sets from all searches). For now you're probably best doing advanced things like this via the website.

    @LeonC - sorting by parts is a good idea and should be quick to implement, I'll get that into 1.7. 1.7 also includes the ability to set a preferred currency but I'm still working on integrating it everywhere - once I'm done then sorting by price will be done by your preferred price. Splitting out CMFs from sets is something I've been thinking about but may have to wait until I rework the search engine.

    Thanks everyone for your ideas! Please remember to rate the app in Google Play if you haven't already done so :)
  • sicherlsicherl Member Posts: 5
    not only sets, to exclude themes too, because it would really hard to exclude 100s of sets :D
    i have rate and more as one +1 i cant give, sorry ;-)
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    @sicherl - sorry, typo! I've just finished implementing the base functionality for 'exclude sets' - it shows all sets in 'settings', tick the ones you want to exclude and they don't show up in any search results. They still show in the list of themes and their images are downloaded, but it's a good start :)

    LMK if you'd like a preview build with this functionality so you can have a play!

    @LeonC - splitting CMFs and Sets has been done (I might introduce a setting to put them back) as part of the reworked home screen, along with setting preferred currency (up to two can be set) and sorting by piece count.

    It's been a busy weekend - time for some sleep before my day job in the morning!
  • LeonCLeonC United KingdomMember Posts: 364
    Awesome. Look foward to testing the changes.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    If you'd like to beta test the latest version, please PM me your Google login - I'll then add you to the list of testers and you should be able to download from Play as usual (this is good as it'll test the db upgrade process too).

    Alternatively I can upload a link to an apk you can sideload if that's preferred :)
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    Forgot to say, you can also mail me your at mybrickset[at] It appears a Google+ account is required to join the Beta program, but I can also send a link to the apk for those without one.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    Development on 1.7 is coming to a close, it includes many new features and improvements. If you'd like to be a beta-tester please either PM or mail me. The app's stable, but obviously I can't test on all devices or API levels so greatly appreciate anyone able to provide some stability testing on devices I don't have access to - as a thank you, you get access to all the cool stuff before anyone else!.

    If you have a Google+ account and mail me your login id, you should be able to download the beta directly from Google Play. Otherwise I'll mail you the location of the latest APK which can be side-loaded.

    Thanks :)
  • ludzikludzik US (SoCal)Member Posts: 430
    I have to say that the new release is nice :) So far I haven't found any issues :) (appart from having to instal APK directly as it didn't want to come through google play for whatever reason) Kudos to RikTheVeggie for a neat app!
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    myBrickset 1.7 is now live on Google Play, it should be available on Amazon in a couple of days after they've finished their review process.

    Many thanks to everyone who assisted in testing, reporting defects or requesting enhancements.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,835
    ^ I love it - amazing!!

    Thank you.
  • kyrotekkyrotek Southampton, UKMember Posts: 212
    Thank you @RikTheVeggie the myBrickset app is like the swiss army knife of Android apps for Lego collecting.

    I do get lost in the my collection section as its hard to filter the sets I own, by number and a-z doesn't seem enough so perhaps by theme could be added too?
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    @kryotek - do you mean you want to be able to sort by theme? That's been in there for quite a while now, behind the a>z sort option.

    I'm looking at adding 'headers' to the list to allow separation of content, but it's not a simple process. If I figure it out and it looks good then I'll add them in.

    Until then, if the sorting options aren't enough and you're only interested in looking at certain themes you could try using the 'search' option, specifying 'owned' and 'theme' (only 1 theme currently, I haven't got around to implementing the planned advanced searching options yet).

    Glad to head you like the app, it's certainly grown far beyond what I was thinking when I first wrote it to check rrp whilst out shopping!
  • kyrotekkyrotek Southampton, UKMember Posts: 212
    Thanks again @RikTheVeggie seems the old adage of keep pressing buttons until you find the right one fits here! I totally missed that, probably due to new phone dumbness and being chivvied along from the Lego aisle by the wife... ;-)
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    It's been a while since I've posted, so here's a quick update to announce myBrickset 1.7.3. Nothing revolutionary, just a bugfix release, but worthwhile installing anyway :) The app is currently being pushed out to the Play Store and Amazon App Store.

    The biggest fix included is that CMFs now have the correct numbers & names even after being updated in to match the official order - previously this would've required a new release to fix the issue.

    As usual, the app includes the entire set db as of a few minutes ago and images for each entry where available. CMF part images are also available for the latest series (Lego Movie) courtesy of @WhiteFang (these will be downloaded on demand).

    Btw - if anyone would like to design a new logo or icon for the app, please let me know!
  • FenrisAkashiFenrisAkashi Member Posts: 242
    Thanks Rik, keep up the good work!
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    I got some time away from work over the Xmas break so did some app enhancements I wasn't planning on. Mainly minor bugfixes & layout tweaks (finally fixed the occasional screen corruption that happens when swapping between grid/list or rotating) and also initial support for tablets - see attached pics (hopefully).

    If anyone would like to try the latest version, you can grab it for Android (41.6MB) or Kindle (41.6MB). Please let me know what you think or if you notice any issues, I'm hoping to push it out shortly.


  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 651
    edited January 2014
    One slight bug I've noticed is that the 'wanted' section (and year released) now goes off the screen of my phone when not in landscape.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    Thanks Joseph, I'll take a look at that when I get home. Was trying to use the same screen for portrait & landscape, guess it didn't work! It looks like quite a bit of data is overflowing, including year etc - has this always been the case or is it new?
    btw - how did you get your image to display like that rather than inline? Is that the "Attach a file" option rather than img tag?
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 651
    edited January 2014
    You're right, I just went back to the latest release version and the date and theme are still overflowing.
    Here's a screen shot from it in case it's of use; and yeah, I just use the "attach file" option.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    Thanks for the confirmation, I'll try to fix that. Do you know what screen size or resolution your device is?
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 651
    The resolution is 480 x 800 I believe.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,835
    Hi Rik.

    Once again, thanks for the hard work you put into producing this app for us. I find it extremely useful.

    One additional feature I would find extremely useful is to have multiple user profiles stored on my phone. I make use of two profiles/bricklists whereby I use one for my main sets a second for my polys. Whilst out and about shopping etc, it would be dead handy to be able to switch between the two profiles to check on what I have and don't have before purchasing.

    Thanks again.
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    Thanks @Joseph, will test with that resolution.

    I was thinking of upgrading to a minimum version of API 9 / 2.3 / Gingerbread as the API is better featured and < 1% of users are on 2.2 or lower - would this cause a problem for anyone? (for comparison, 11% of people are on 2.3.3, 1.6% on 3.0 or higher and everyone else on 4.0 or higher. 8% are on KitKat which is 4 times the average for Android apps).

    @Legoboy - currently you can sign out and then back in with the other account, tho' this requires an active internet connection. I assume the profile stuff in the latest Android versions would allow a different account per profile too, but I haven't played with this yet.

    Would you like the ability to easily swap between brickset accounts without signing out and back in? I could look into this.. maybe have a menu option on the main screen that allows signing in with an extra account, then once signed in you can swap between both. Will look into this once I've got the resolution issue fixed.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,835
    I'm not on the latest version of Android so am unlikely to have such a profile thing built into my phone.

    What you suggested at the end is exactly what I had in mind but me being me just expects everything go be possible without any understanding for what effort is required to pull it off. If it is doable however, it would be greatly appreciated. :-)
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    @Joseph - I've added specific layouts for a variety of screen resolutions and densities, hopefully this will resolve the layout issues you were having. If it doesn't, please let me know the make & model of your device and I'll try again.

    @Legoboy - There's a new option on the main menu called "Switch Account". Select this then "{New Account}" to add an additional account and start using it. Once an additional account has been added, you can select the account directly without having to sign in again.

    Please grab the latest RC (41.7MB link and let me know what you think!
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,835
    Hi Rik. Thanks for your efforts. I'd like to say they were successful but the app 'unfortunately stops working' when I click the Switch Account button from the menu. Sorry.
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 651
    Well, it's fixed partially now; the theme no longer overflows and the year only does with an unusually large number (like Kraang) and has no problem with normal numbers. However the wanted still overflows regardless.
    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S (SGH-T959V to be more specific).
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    Darn - both failed! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly though.

    @Joseph - Thanks for the phone data, I've found the problem (I had it working, then broke it again during a clean-up session). Sorry about that, it'll definitely be fixed in the next version. I can reduce the font size a little bit more if you like or put year on the following line, but if only affects the occasional set then maybe it's best to leave alone? Have you updated your phone's OS? gsmArena says it's 2.2 but the app requires 2.3 now, if it's going to prove a problem I can go back to 2.2 and work around the bits that need 2.3.

    @Legoboy - the only reason I can think of that would cause a crash is if the database didn't get updated with the new columns but I don't know why this would happen. Would you mind doing an uninstall and then install please - if Switch Account then works it means the db upgrade was definitely the problem and I can investigate why. Thanks.
  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 651
    Good to hear it was just a minor problem this time. As far as I can tell, the length of the "number" required to make the year overflow means that it currently doesn't affect any with actual numbers, only a couple non-standard ones (ex. some comic-con giveaways). Though as I side note, it might be nice to have it on a separate line anyway space permitting.

    Luckily the OS requirements aren't a problem for me, I flashed a custom rom a while ago so I'm running 4.2.2 now.
  • LegoboyLegoboy 100km furtherMember Posts: 8,835
    You'll be glad to know Rik that an uninstall and reinstall fixed the problem. The multiple accounts works like a dream. Thank you very much for that. :-)
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    Thanks very much for all the testing guys, it's really appreciated.

    I moved price onto a new line for small screens, it looks ok (in the screen editor anyway, don't have a device to test on!).

    Good to know Switch Account is now working, really don't know why the upgrade process didn't work (quite worrisome, as I rely on that to do mass updates with each new release as well as changing the db schema occasionally). Will sit down and take a look at it before doing the release.

    I've had an email request for a new feature so will investigate that before doing the final release. Joseph, LMK if you'd like a preview build that fixes the wanted issue.

    Thanks again :)
  • RikTheVeggieRikTheVeggie CanadaMember Posts: 354
    @Legoboy - I just thought, would you mind sending me a copy of your logfile? Hopefully it still includes information on the db upgrade and might provide some insight as to why it didn't work.

    Download and run Elixir 2 ( from Google Play
    At the bottom of the main screen, press the Logs icon. This should show 'logcat log'
    Press the icon that looks like 4 horizontal bars stacked on each other (this is 'filter') and select 'set text filter'. Enter 'mybrickset' (no quotes) and press ok.
    There should now be a list of entries corresponding to myBrickset.
    Press the 'refresh' icon to ensure data is up to date.
    Press the triangular 'play' icon (export) and 'send data'.
    Select your email app and send the data along with a description of the issue to to [email protected]

  • JosephJoseph Member Posts: 651
    Unless you'd like me to try out the latest preview I'm fine with waiting for the official release. Thanks again Rick for all your hard work; it really is a top-notch app!
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