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Wtb or trade for Hobbit:desolation of smaug early booking Elf

Jonn420Jonn420 Member Posts: 267
I need one of these minifigures you get for pre-booking movie tickets to see the new Hobbit movie (UK)... I have a few things to trade or would just pay for it. Please PM me if you can help out. I would gladly help out in the future with any US exclusives as well.
Thank you.


  • Jonn420Jonn420 Member Posts: 267
    Bump....did anyone get 1 of these to trade or sell?
  • CCCCCC UKMember Posts: 18,460
    edited December 2013
    Looking at the picture on the website, these are the same ones as out of the Mirkwood Army set. There are loads on bricklink - and cheaper in the US than the UK too.

    The film only opens today in the UK too, so I doubt anyone has collected one just yet to be able to confirm they are the same as in the above set.
  • ScarraScarra LondonMember Posts: 137
    I can confirm that you get a hooded elf archer as per #79012
    Fig given in a grip seal bag with special card which includes hobbit pics, etc.
    Good film by the way.
  • khmellymelkhmellymel United KingdomMember Posts: 1,242
    Went to see it today and got one! Girl would only give us one even though there were two tickets on the reservation :( Here's a quick snap in case it helps (sorry, took it with my camera phone so it's a bad quality pic). Plus a scan of the card it came with (folds in half; pic shows the front and back, inside just says WARNING! Choking hazard in a bajillion different languages).

    Hope it helps!
  • MeadleMeadle UKMember Posts: 84
    ^ the 6 of us that went all got one each as I booked every ticket individually... It was a painful exercise including a card decline and card switch half way through but avoided any arguments when we got there. Really enjoyed the film!!
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