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Doctor Who MOC's

Again this isn't a big MOC showing forum but i hope people like (or don't mind) this post.

With the Doctor celebrating 50 years I thought I would have a pop at a few Lego incarnations of the Doctor and his companions since the 2005 re-launch. It must also be said that is has in part been fuelled by the fact that until about 6 weeks ago I had never seen an episode of Dr Who and decided to dive right in when the BluRay Set was released in an attempt to watch the entire run so as to be able to watch the 50th anniversary episode last weekend (for those counting that was 112 episodes in around 4 weeks – and yes I managed it, square eyes now)

Anyway it was so good that I just had to have a pop at Lego versions. Since I am late the game here there have been a few of these done already and plenty of images on the internet, some characters are obvious with Lego only making a few parts that can do the job but for others I think I have made a good job. The only rule I set myself was using official printed parts only for arms, heads, hair, body and legs with cloth skirts and coats being the only custom made parts allowed (Tardis stickers not counted).

So from left to right in the group shot we have:

The 9th Doctor (or should that be the 10th now…)
Nothing exciting here, I used the Rebel trooper body from the last advent calendar and switched in some black arms and the CMF Mechanics legs, slick back hair and stern face. You could use the Mutt Williams leather jacket but for me that looked worse

Rose Tyler
This is one of my favourite and certainly the more original versions I have seen. We have Sugi’s body with yellow hands switched in, Jeans, bumblebee girls face and trend setters hair

Micky Smith
Nothing too special hear, grey hoodie top, jeans and a beany with War Machines face

The 10th doctor
A great figure but nothing really new here. The blue suit is more season 3 than 2 but works well with the coat and switched out brown arms

Captain Jack
A well-made figure and really about the only parts you can use, Cavalry soldiers top, grey arms and legs with a custom coat

Martha Jones
This is a tough figure as the parts are limited. Sadly for Martha she must make do with Mace Windu’s face but with the hair and Catwomans body it does soften and work OK

Quite a hard figure to get even close to right as Lego just don’t make parts to match her standard costume. You could just do a ‘Bride’ Version but that seemed a bit of a cheat, so a grey suited top, dark red legs and Ginni Weasly hair look ok

The Master
Very simple, angry face on CMF Saxophone player suit with Tony Stark hair

A small brick built dog

Red Dalek
A Small custom build Dalek, plenty of SNOT techniques used here, there are a lot of examples of this scale Dalek out there and all are on a theme I think

River Song
A simple enough figure, again avoiding the obvious ‘Space Suite’ version going with a white top and gun lingers legs

Amy Pond
This was a real tough figure to get right and even now the colours aren’t spot on. I have used Frankenstein’s Monsters Jacket on a custom Black skirt, the effect is good but I may change to a blue skirt at some point

Rory Williams
Quite a simple figure, checked shirt from one of the mine figures, you have to ignor the printed tools. Jeans and a nice face and blond hair

The 11th Doctor
This one is so done that there is nothing original here, but he does look the part

Like Amy this was a tough figure to try. After many top changes I have opted for the Imperial Guard torso with yellow arms swapped in on a custom red top. This looks more like the first version of Clara but is nice enough

The War Doctor
This one was a bit of a rush but with limited parts is as good as any for now. You have Cad Banes torso on Jedi Knights legs with a grey hair and stubbled face, and for good measure you have the box and its big red button

The Tardis
This was a lot harder than I thought for a simple blue box. First of the stickers are a mixture of homemade (the blue panels) and ‘borrowed’ from another brands version of the Tardis. The key for me was to be able to open the box up and allow some level of playability. That meant no central consol but a side based on (complete with leaves, screens, a phone and of course a big red button) leaving enough space for one figure to stand in front of it. The roof detail was a small nod to the round things that no one knows are for.

Anyway hope you enjoy


  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,939
    Maybe the Tardis could be made so that it folds out rather than just opens - that way you could have a more detailed (or at the very least, more 'big') interior, maybe.
  • monkey_roomonkey_roo Member Posts: 1,381
    @plasmodium - I did look at that option for a while but then the roofline becomes tricky (esspecially where the Police Box signs are) and somewhere on the exterior wall you are left with hinge lumps, or if you put the hinge on the corner you lose the shape of the box altogether. There is a good option if you build a removable roof and have the hinges swing out from the mid-section of the two side walls, less of an ugly finish maybe but you still have four small lumps to look at?

    Anyway my shocking photography aside i finally managed to snap a halfway decent shot.
  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,939
    Hm, I see what you mean.
  • jockosjunglejockosjungle Member Posts: 701
    Matt Smith has the exact right smile. Sorry I got confused with your numbers for the Doctors, I thought MS was the 13th Doctor
  • Jonn420Jonn420 Member Posts: 267
    Kinda was, If John Hurt was the first "Body"...then Matt Smith was the 13th Body, But 12th re-incarnation....Different Case, Same Operating System.
  • HemelHemel Member Posts: 35
    There's a UCS Tardis on Cuuso that I would really love to get the instructions for....looks really good although the roof needs a little reworking
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