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[US] TRU - Vampyre Castle 9468 for $80 w/free ship


They have other sales going on right now, but this is a specifically good deal, especially on a set that is a) good and b) for all intents and purposes, EOLing.

Plus, you can add a plush bear or dog for $5 more (you have to actively add it - it doesn't do it automatically).


  • gmpirategmpirate Member Posts: 1,654
    edited November 2013
    It's actually been on sale for a couple weeks now. Posted in the other TRU thread.
  • haakonohaakono Member Posts: 62
    Thanks, tensor. I went for a few poly bags instead (#40035 and #30186). Not a 'bargain' per se, but I'll take free shipping over driving out to TRU any day.
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
    @gmpirate Well, there have been many things buired in many threads that people miss. I know I missed the VC posted in the other threads you mentioned. Besides, now you can get a bear.
  • juggles7juggles7 Member Posts: 451
    Not sure if it's EOL'ing for not. [email protected], keeping the waters as muddy as possible, had the VC shown as sold out for awhile, but are now showing it as out of stock, but with an expected ship date of 11-25. You can add it to your bag, which is the same as a pre-order, I guess. Oh, and TRU's holiday catalog claims that Monster Fighters is their "exclusive". All surprising, given how this line was discounted by everyone, WalMart, Target, even Lego stores. And now they're gonna make more? So it seems...
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
    edited November 2013
    "Not sure if it's EOL'ing for not" applies to every set that is currently being manufactured, which means we can only surmise based on the data that we have. The whole idea of it (an existing, widespread line that was clearanced out everywhere else) now being a TRU exclusive moving forward is just weird. They did it with Technic, but that's more a whole other category rather than just a theme.

    Me, I think it's at the end of its life. I'd be happy to be proven wrong though, because I'd love the see the MF line live on....with new sets, not just reprints of the existing ones.
  • FenrisAkashiFenrisAkashi Member Posts: 242
    Thanks TLTensor. Had seen this a bit back but they had been out of stock to ship.

    Glad to see your rolling with your new user tag ;D
  • doriansdaddoriansdad Member Posts: 1,337
    All MF will be retiring at the end of this year except for the Haunted House. TRU had this set on sale a week or two ago for $64 so they may discount it further between now and the end of the year. $80 is a good price if you can't risk missing out on it tho. I also think [email protected] may have it discounted for their BF sale.
  • busumoe1busumoe1 Member Posts: 194
    I'd have picked a second set for $64. Doh!
  • haakonohaakono Member Posts: 62
    TRU just cancelled my polybag order. B*****ds!
  • TheLoneTensorTheLoneTensor Member Posts: 3,937
    I did notice that they were out of the rocking horses you mentioned when I looked. Perhaps they simply didn't have stock (it was last year's poly).
  • Thanos75Thanos75 Member Posts: 1,120
    They also have #70400 Forest Ambush for $8 this weekend.
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