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Hi from Scotland

FlymoFlymo Member Posts: 15
Hello there. I have always been into Lego at a younger age and I lost interest in my teenage years due to sports and women ; ) . I started to get interested again at the age of 26 and the wife to be bought me the VW camper. Unfortunately I have broke my right hand so no Lego building for me for about 2 months. I know that she has bought me more Lego for Christmas but I have no idea what.

Forum is great and cheers for having me.


  • AleyditaAleydita BelgiumMember Posts: 947
    Sucked back in at such a tender age! Welcome to Bricket but one word of caution: be wary of Huwbot the Wallet Destroyer who hangs around the home page waiting for a moment of weakness!
  • MeikoMeiko Member Posts: 11
    Welcome to Brickset!
  • FlymoFlymo Member Posts: 15
  • LegobutterflyLegobutterfly Member Posts: 488
    Welcome aboard.

    I agree with @Aleydita about the wallet destoyer, my purse trembles everytime I visit here!
  • LostInTranslationLostInTranslation UKMember Posts: 5,594
    @Legobutterfly - Your purse trembles? I thought it sighed, swooned and capitulated entirely! ;-)

    Welcome to Brickset Flymo! Sorry to hear about your hand :-(
  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
    Isn't there some kind of compensation scheme you can tap into if you're unable to build? ;-)
  • LegobutterflyLegobutterfly Member Posts: 488
    @LostInTranslation I'm afraid my purse has taken rather a beating recently and it trembles now whilst whimpering 'Please, not again, no more LEGO!'

    But I am unstoppable, mwhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! ;-)

    Now, where did I put that [email protected] catalogue?!
  • flowerpotgirlflowerpotgirl BordersMember Posts: 190
  • khmellymelkhmellymel United KingdomMember Posts: 1,305
    Welcome @flymo, I'm in Scotland as well (though not Scottish, just an international student). Enjoy the hobby and enjoy the boards! :D
  • beegeedeebeegeedee Galway, IrelandMember Posts: 380
    Welcome Flymo.

    I'm Scottish too but not in Scotland any more. I would recommend a visit to the Glasgow Lego store (visited in the summer) as it's brilliant but like huwbot it's a wallet destroyer.

    There's just too much Lego out there to be had.
  • FlymoFlymo Member Posts: 15
    Been to the store in Glasgow and was in the Trafford Centre in Manchester a few weeks back.

    My hand is killing me so I think I will hold off building anything till after Christmas. :(
  • beegeedeebeegeedee Galway, IrelandMember Posts: 380
    That sucks but never say never. I always think that's the last set this month and then some brilliant deal comes along...
  • FlymoFlymo Member Posts: 15
    Well come the new year I will be getting Maersk Line Triple-E 10241. I will be busy
  • adventure_aladventure_al Scotland Member Posts: 243
    Very similar to myself! I'm 26 and only recently back into lego. I'm married and in Scotland.

    Nice to see others out there like myself!
  • FlymoFlymo Member Posts: 15
    Good to see someone is in the same boat as I am.

    I will give you a wee message later after I finish painting :-(
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