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[US] For Trade: MISB 7939 Cargo Train for comparable set

turtle1173turtle1173 Member Posts: 230
edited October 2013 in Marketplace
Hi all,
I've got an extra 7939 Cargo Train that I don't need. I thought I would put it out there to look at a possible trade, instead of just selling it. My son already has this, so I'm looking for something that he might like for Christmas that is roughly the same price. Here's some possibilities of interests:

10237 The Tower of Orthanc
10937 Batman Arkham Asylum Breakout
10232 Palace Cinema

We also enjoy castle sets. I might also consider a combination of the new 70404 King's Castle & 70403 Dragon Mountain. I would also consider some of the older castle sets too. You can let me know what you might be interested in trading. We also like Star Wars and Pirates, so I hate to just be too narrow in my focus.



  • turtle1173turtle1173 Member Posts: 230
    I'm in the US.
  • tfranklin84tfranklin84 Member Posts: 113
    edited October 2013
    Do you have any interest in any of the hobbit sets?
    79003 unexpected gathering
    79010 goblin king battle
    79002 attack of the wargs
    79001 escape from Mirkwood Spiders

    I'm in North Carolina.
  • turtle1173turtle1173 Member Posts: 230
    I like the hobbit sets. However, I've already got those.

  • tfranklin84tfranklin84 Member Posts: 113
    No problem! I do have a sealed 10193 Medieval Market Village, which I had planned to sell at some point, but maybe a trade would be more fun. Any interest?
  • turtle1173turtle1173 Member Posts: 230
    Sorry, I've already got several copies of 10193. That was back when they could be easily found for $87,
  • turtle1173turtle1173 Member Posts: 230
    edited October 2013
    I've got a trade set up with @Wrangler6915. 70404, 70403 & 79107 (King's Castle, Dragon Mountain, & Comanche Camp) to trade for 7939 Cargo train.

    This trading is kind of fun. I might have to do some more of it!
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