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cavegod: Hello All!

cavegodcavegod Member Posts: 811
edited October 2011 in Introduce yourself
Hi all, after being pestered and bullied into joining i was left with no choice so here i am, i only buy the ucs Star wars sets and the odd set for er in doors i spend most of my lego time building the odd moc or two. I live in a village called Preesall just south and left a bit from Lancaster technically i live closer to Blackpool but Lancaster is far nicer. I am a Full time student studying Motorvehicle repair, just to get the certificates very tedious! My weekends are normally spent underground caving in the Yorkshire Dales and sometimes Derbyshire, North/South Wales areas. The rest of my time i spend building and somehow fit in being a farther of 2 Girls Violet 4 and Hazel 2 1/2 years old. My other half while she hates the caving she has come round to the lego and is getting more and more involved.

Anyway thats me!



  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,258
    Welcome Pete, it was good to meet you briefly on Saturday at GWLS. Any chance of getting a heads up on which Star Wars MOC you are going to be tackling next, I'm sure whatever it is, it will be highly anticipated.
  • cavegodcavegod Member Posts: 811
    Well at the moment i have a partially built Tie Bomber and a 80% complete pod racer thanks to Anio, as for my next project i cannot say anymore but i wish i hadn't thought of it!
  • atkinsaratkinsar Member Posts: 4,258
    Are we allowed to guess and you can let me know if I'm getting close?
  • cavegodcavegod Member Posts: 811
    you can guess by all means ;-)
  • princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember Posts: 3,764
    ^ Once again, welcome, really glad to have you onboard. Was a bit overwhelmed with your displays on Saturday. Being a massive Star Wars fan I was pretty stunned by your MOC's. I had seen some pictures, but you really have to see them 'in the brick' to fully appreciate them. Next show I will say hi.

    I was wondering if you could share some of your history, or some of your techniques (without giving too much away), I just would be really interested in how/when you got into LEGO, how long you spend on planning/building your MOC's etc.
  • cavegodcavegod Member Posts: 811
    Well, hang on one second
  • cavegodcavegod Member Posts: 811

    hope this answer a few questions @sneak peak'

    Think that your LEGO Starwars UCS set is too be for your coffee table display case? Think again-
    Pete Dale: aka CAVEGOD is an AFOL from A small village near Blackpool UK. who likes to build larger MOCs based off of these sets, here he shares with Brick Journal how and why he began building these models much larger.

    The first Lego set I remember getting was the 928 Galaxy Explorer ‘LL928’ which I loved and rebuilt it that many times I could build it without the instructions! One time while building I noticed that that if I turned it around the rear end of LL928 looked like the front of the Falcon so with a bit of a modification I had my own Falcon completely out of scale and probably didn’t look much like what it was supposed to but I had built my fist MOC. Classic space Lego carried on with me till the mid eighties when I strayed to Lego Technic where I stayed until 2005 when one day while I was searching Brickshelf I came across 10030, that just took my breath away, Lego StarWars that’s wasn’t for kids! I then searched some more and discovered the UCS Series. A week or 2 later and the postman had delivered 10134 my first UCS.

    By the end of 2005 I had managed to get hold of 10129, 7191 & 10019, the following year 10030, 10174 and 10175 I longed for more sets in this style and again while searching Brickshelf I found Rgeiger’s page with all his wonderful instructions for UCS models, I built a few of them while I waited for Lego to reveal it’s next masterpiece, 10179. Well done Lego the detail was incredible just what I was after in terms of scale and size. Then came the dark years 2008 since didn’t produce any UCS sets to my liking and this is what triggered my MOCing to start.

    I liked the UCS line of sets and I suppose I started building bigger and bigger mocs to fit in with the official sets and sometimes I just get carried away, but if you asked me why build so big then I would have to say what looks best in a display? Small models or great big ones that can be seen across the room and get the kids and adults inspired to build their own when they get home.

    Deciding which of the many star wars vehicles/spaceships to build is the hardest part in my eyes far harder than building them most of the time. My first MOC was my version of the Lambda shuttle built in minifig scale to match the 10179 I had no parts to build it with so everything had to be sourced from Bricklink which is where nearly all my parts come from for my MOC’s as I never break the official sets for parts. This is frustrating at times as I am always waiting for parts to arrive so I can carry on with the MOC which is probably why I sometimes build more than one at once. Having finished the Lambda Shuttle I had the building bug and started my next MOC straight away the Tie Defender. (Picture) The hardest part of this MOC was the tri wing supports and somehow making them strong enough to support the heavy wings. Looking at it you wouldn’t think that they are held together, strong enough to swoosh around, with click hinges!

    I spend about 2-7months building the mocs it all depends on what parts I need and have in my collection at the time but they are never truly finished. Everytime I display them at shows/exhibitions I am always looking at them for ways to improve the look etc.

    I build all my MOC’s on my bed mainly due to limited space in the house and two little girls that try and help by mixing all the parts up after I have spent hours sorting them in the first place! Plus it is always funny when my other half goes to bed as she always finds a couple of stray pieces under the covers-lol which of course I have been looking for for the past few hours!. When deciding what scale to build them in it really is just a matter of can it be built in minifig scale or does a larger scale suit it better. Take my Jedi star fighter for example (Picture) minifig scale would be too small for a UCS MOC so I built it around the part that I couldn’t change ‘The cockpit canopy’ so it’s just a case of finding a decent image of the ship I want to build and using a ruler and calculator to scale it up and then finding the best parts to suit that scale, in this case the wedge plates for the wings.

    I design all my MOC’s in my head or as I go along by building a part of it and then rebuilding it numerous times until I am happy with the outcome.

    My biggest and most impressive MOC to date is my UCS AT-AT it always draws the crowds at shows probably due to its size it was quite a pain to build due to all the weight being supported by four 4L Technic axles. The head and neck are supported from the rear of the body which makes the entire MOC very wobbly! It took me around 3 months to build and contains about 7500-8000 parts I can’t be accurate but the best way I found to guesstimate the piece count is by weighing 100g random selection of parts used for the moc and then weighing the moc itself and doing the math if it uses a lot of small parts then i include more in the 100g selection.

    As for future mocs I have nearly finished a minifig scale sandcrawler and I have already started Sebulba’s podracer from The Phantom Menace.
  • princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember Posts: 3,764
    edited October 2011
    ^^ haha :)
  • collect_thatcollect_that Kidderminster, EnglandMember Posts: 1,327
    edited October 2011
    Hey Pete

    While I had to bail out of going to GWLS at the last minute this year, I caught your work at the NCS and like others I had only seen pictures before, when it comes to SW MOCs I don't think you can get a bigger WOW. Glad to have you around the forum and look forward to what comes next??

  • princedravenprincedraven Essex, UKMember Posts: 3,764
    ^^^ Thanks for that Pete. Really appreciate the overview, really interesting stuff.
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