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Building Instruction errors in 10179 UCE Millennium Falcon

I've just built this again, and upon completion, discovered that I some how ended up with 3 pieces spare (1x 4211887 and 2x 4211069). After trying to find out where they should go, the book failed me - until I noticed the picture on the book cover.

The two upper rear panels with the holes in them - they have a steering wheel piece by the large black dish section. On the port side panel, there are the aforementioned pieces directly below it (a grey stick with stopper, held by 2 1x1 tiles with grabs on top.) It appears that both panels (starboard and port) are meant to have these placed below the steering wheel. But the instruction book doesn't mention it for the starboard side.

The other error is the orientation of the fin like parts on the upper part of the ship. The section covered on pages 257 - 260 shows the finss built incorrectly, with the studs facing to the left of the ship, when they should be facing right (see the fins on the underside of the ship).


  • pvp3020pvp3020 Member Posts: 182
    That's interesting. I've just built 10179 for the second time and also had 1 x 4211887 spare, but didn't have any of 4211069 left over.

    And I never noticed the incorrect orientation of the fins before.
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