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For Sale: Various polybags, free shipping (within Germany)

mressinmressin Member Posts: 843
edited December 2012 in Marketplace
I'm visiting Germany for Christmas and New Year's Eve and figured that's a good opportunity to import polybags from the UK. I'm primarily looking to sell and will pay shipping and handling as long as the destination is within Germany (Switzerland, Austria or any other destination, please inquire). I will ship on the morning of 22 December 2012 from Germany.
Most of the polybags are The Daily Mail/The Sun promotions from 2008 to 2012 and CMF Team GB. My list is as follows:

8028 x 3 (Star Wars Mini TIE Fighter)
30055 x 1 (Star Wars Droid Fighter)
30056 x 2 (Star Wars Star Destroyer)

30210 x 20 (Lord of the Rings Frodo With Cooking Corner)
30211 x 12 (Lord of the Rings Uruk Hai With Ballista)

30162 x 11 (Super Heroes The Avengers Quinjet)
30163 x 20 (Super Heroes The Avengers Thor and the Cosmic Cube)
30165 x 10 (Super Heroes The Avengers Hawkeye With Equipment)

30200 x 11 (Monster Fighters Zombie Chauffeur Coffin Car)

9556 x 2 (Ninjago Bytar)
30085 x 9 (Ninjago Jumping Snakes)
30086 x 3 (Ninjago Hidden Sword)

5625 x 10 (City Police 4x4)
5627 x 1 (City Mini Dozer)
30001 x 10 (City Fireman’s Car)
30002 x 10 (City Police Boat)
30010 x 2 (City Fire Chief)
30011 x 1 (City Police Dinghi)
30013 x 1 (City Police Buggy)
30017 x 9 (City Police Boat)
30018 x 1 (City Police Micro Light)
30019 x 5 (City Fire Helicopter)
30150 x 7 (City Racing Car)
30152 x 9 (City Mining Quad)

7805 x 10 (Creator Shark)
7804 x 1 (Creator Lizard)
7808 x 2 (Creator Yellow Airplane)
30009 x 1 (Creator Christmas Tree)
30029 x 4 (Creator Pudsey Bear)

30041 x 1 (Atlantis Piranha)

30070 x 1 (Toy Story Alien Space Ship)
30072 x 13 (Toy Story Woody’s Camp Out)
30073 x 18 (Toy Story Buzz’s Mini Ship)

7452 x 1 (Racers Le Mans)
7800 x 3 (Racers Off Road Racer)
7801 x 1 (Racers Rally Racer)
7802 x 1 (Racers Le Mans Racer)
30030 x 1 (Racers Rally Raider)
30033 x 1 (Racers Truck)
30034 x 1 (Racers Tow Truck)
30035 x 2 (Racers Off Road Racer 2)

Team GB CMFs:

8909-1 x 6 (CMF Team GB Agile Archer)
8909-2 x 4 (CMF Team GB Brawny Boxer)
8909-3 x 4 (CMF Team GB Flexible Gymnast)
8909-4 x 1 (CMF Team GB Judo Fighter)
8909-5 x 3 (CMF Team GB Tactical Tennis Player)
8909-6 x 1 (CMF Team GB Wondrous Weightlifter)
8909-7 x 2 (CMF Team GB Relay Runner)
8909-8 x 4 (CMF Team GB Stealth Swimmer)
8909-9 x 5 (CMF Team GB Horseback Rider)

(I can provide more Team GB if there is interest.)

Sensible offers only please. Will gladly accept bricklink sales of the last six months as reference. Payment can be via PayPal or German Überweisung (I have a German account), where offers employing bank transfer can obviously be lower as there are no fees.

Please note that I will ship on the morning of 22 December 2012 from Germany. If you're interested, please PM me until 12 December.


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