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2013 City Polybags

Jezebel_19Jezebel_19 Member Posts: 31
edited August 2013 in Collecting
I've almost finished my city collection of sets, but I can't find the small polybags of the following does anyone know who sells these.

30220 - Fire Speedboat
30221 - Fire Car
30222 - Police Helicopter
30224 - Ride on Lawn Mower
30225 - Coast Guard Seaplane

I've tried Myers, Target, Big W, Kmart, TRU's

I'm in Perth, Western Australia.



  • CurvedRoadPlateCurvedRoadPlate Member Posts: 257
    In the US the Police Helicopter was a promo with purchase earlier in the year.I saw some on sale at my local Lego store recently.
    The Ride on Lawn Mower has been turning up in US TRU's recently.
  • just2goodjust2good Member Posts: 247
    30220 is at Toys"R"Us
    30221 is at Target
    30222 is at Walmart
    30224 is at Toys"R"Us
  • givmellisgivmellis Member Posts: 23
    edited August 2013

    This doesn't answer your question......but.... :)

    I am in Perth as well, and I have never even seen a polybag in stores (all the ones I have I have received through S@H). any chance you can share where have been able to find some physically in stores?

  • BastaBasta Member Posts: 1,259
    edited August 2013
    Not often we get Polys in Australia, I think TRU may be getting a couple soon, as earlier in the month a member of another forum who works at TRU said the following

    "And a Sw poly bag for 3.99 and Gefforie the giraffe polybag as well for 9.99"
    These had shown up on their computer system.

    Your best bet may be to do a "Wanted" post in the Marketplace.
  • BRCBRC Member Posts: 125
    I've never seen a Polybag in Aus either.
  • givmellisgivmellis Member Posts: 23
    Thanks @Basta and @BRC

    I thought I was going crazy not ever seeing a polybag :)
  • paul_mertonpaul_merton Member Posts: 2,967
    I have all of those apart from the speedboat if you really can't find them anywhere else!
  • Jezebel_19Jezebel_19 Member Posts: 31
    Thanks I too was thinking I was going crazy not being able to find the polybags.
    Thank you for the offer Paul, I'm heading overseas next month and will try and find them while I'm away but if I come back empty handed I will certainly see if you still have Polybags available to buy from you.
  • weevinweevin Member Posts: 34
    I saw a few #30224 Ride-On Lawn mower at Meijer in the checkout lane today.
  • Poisso3Poisso3 Member Posts: 196
    Found the ride-on mower at TRU. Neat kit, but it seems like it is built backwards.
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