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FS (UK): Used 10182 - Cafe Corner and 10185 - Green Grocer; also bulk 2172 - Nya


The time has finally come to say goodbye to these (can't believe I bought CC nearly 6 years ago).

I would ideally like to sell them as a bundle for £925.

This price is arrived at mostly by comparison to the lowest priced sets of similar provenance and condition on bricklink that are available to the European Union. (cue flames/price-no price/down with selling/up with selling/etc...)

These sets are both fully original and complete with box and instructions. Built up twice and displayed in a smoke and UV free environment. Pieces all checked and sorted by colour. Instructions have been cardboard backed to prevent transit damage. Seems only a green cherry had escaped over the years, this has now been replaced.

See some photos here: CC and GG

I also have a bulk lot of 2172 - Nya spinners for sale or trade. I am looking for £550 for 100 or £300 for 50. These are pretty rare and I regularly sell them for £10+, but shipping from South Africa is a hassle.

I also have 10210, 9465 and 10216 if there is any interest.

Since I don't have a history on these forums (apart from an in person trade in the US), I am offering Cash on Delivery in person to your door (if you are not too far from the beaten track). This way you can make sure that everything is exactly as expected.

I do have a trade history on eBay (xerxes2020 - the one from South Africa).

I will be in the UK from the 3rd to 9th September and will be travelling between Manchester, Southampton and London - so delivery can reasonably be anywhere that is not more than say 3 hours out of the way of this route.

Please feel free to PM me with any queries. Vitriol should be reserved for the public forum as usual :)


  • simon_ratcliffe_101simon_ratcliffe_101 Member Posts: 46
    OK - spinners have been sold.

    Any interest in 10210, 9465, 10216, 10222 ? FS or FT.
  • LegoFanTexasLegoFanTexas TexasMember Posts: 8,409
    Bump for a very nice seller. I'm the one he did the in-person deal with, his stuff was as promised and was a pleasure to do business with.
  • simon_ratcliffe_101simon_ratcliffe_101 Member Posts: 46
    Thanks LFT :)

    I hope to be back in your part of the world someday - always a pleasure dealing with a true Lego fan and a top notch seller all rolled into one.
  • nukester84nukester84 Member Posts: 206
    are you only looking at selling these
  • simon_ratcliffe_101simon_ratcliffe_101 Member Posts: 46
    At this stage I would prefer to sell them, but I will PM you if the situation changes.
  • nukester84nukester84 Member Posts: 206
    i wanna try to swap all super heroes 2012 and 2013 for the 1st 3 modular buildings or at least 2 of them maybe
  • simon_ratcliffe_101simon_ratcliffe_101 Member Posts: 46
    Looks like my original price was a bit too ambitious :)

    Decided to reduce price to £825 cash - same delivery terms as before.

    Alternatively, I have had a couple of enquiries around trading. Unfortunately super heroes is not really my cup of tea, but I would possibly be interested in some combinations of the following - multiples are fine:

    (The value I personally ascribe to the set is listed where applicable)

    10212 (New or Used)
    7965 (NISB @ £95)
    10240 (NISB @ £160)
    10237 (NISB @ £160)
    10236 (NISB @ £200)

    Although I might be in for some trouble on the home front if I return clutching all of my dream sets and no cash :)
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