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Looking for 2 of the Friends promo poly bag with the bakery items and apron

tamaratamara Member Posts: 13
I have two young girls (3 and 5) so we haven't been able to attend any of the events near us since they all say for children ages 6-something. I would really like to get two of these for my girls....they have the Friends bakery and restaurant (they play ALL the time) and would love the aprons and addition pieces to go with them. Please let me know if you have any for sale (reasonable prices please!). Thanks!!

I believe from what I'm reading online that it was handed out with the Friends jewelry box mini build a couple weeks ago.


  • meyerc13meyerc13 Member Posts: 227
    I wish I could help, but my daughter just got the one earlier this month. However, the age limits are usually somewhat flexible on these events (as long as your child is over 3, since LEGO is a choking hazard for those under 3), just talk to the manager.

    My daughter has been attending LEGO Club meetings since she was 4 years old with no worries. In September, there is a LEGO Club meeting with the topic being Friends, so that *might* be another chance to get one of these from the store. Either way I'm sure the manager would have no problem letting your five year old attend, and might even be swayed for the 3 year old if you plead your case on how mature she is and how heartbroken she'd be if big sister can attend but she can't. If your 3 year old is close to four that might work, but might not due to liability concerns as I mentioned above. However, they don't check IDs, so...

    Also, you might just ask if they have any of these left at the store, sometimes they do and they'll give you one if you ask nicely.
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