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7965 Falcon X 2

SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
edited September 2011 in Marketplace
Hi folks.

Looks like my Falcons bagged on the Boots 3 for 2 deal are out for delivery so in a few hours I'll have a couple of spares.

I'm looking to move them for £100 each if anyone is interested. Due to circumstances I would prefer collection from Huddersfield. I can also offer collection from just outside Durham from next Thursday till Sunday while visiting family.


  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
    Sorry. Just seen there is a marketplace section. Does this need moving?
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,544
    I wish you the best kev, but you might have difficulty selling a new set quite so quickly like that, as lots of people on here will either buy in multiples themselves as you have done (or clubbed together) when such opportunities arrive, OR will at the very least be waiting for deals in the region of a third off retail. I don't know if you've heard of 'Bricklink' - lots of people who are serious about selling lego have stores on there. (Just trying to helpful, sorry if it comes across differently, as I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination).

  • SirKevbagsSirKevbags Fairy Land Member Posts: 4,030
    Any comments much appreciated. That's why I've said £100. I think retail is £133 and the cheapest I've seen online at the moment is Amazon for around £121. If there isn't any interest no problem, they can take up some cupboard space for a while.
  • legomattlegomatt Member Posts: 2,544
    That makes sense, the reason i commented was that amazon had been selling the set for about £100 up until this week or thereabouts, as had, (that's where I got mine from, as VERY had an extra % discount code I could use on top of it). :o)
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