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[USA] : 2507 Ninjago Fire Temple - $94.99

rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
edited September 2011 in Shopping USA/Canada
The discount is 21% and is sweetened by free shipping and no tax for most US states. I'm not sure if it's been discounted since release so apologies if this is old news to you, but I just happened to notice it:

It's the first Ninjago set I cared to purchase. We'll see if I get turned on to more of the theme or not.


  • macmonmacmon Member Posts: 80
    Nice, but I just like the dragon
  • bluelion3bluelion3 Member Posts: 156
    This is a pretty good deal. It's interesting that this price is the same as buying it at TRU with the current $25 off a purchase of $100 deal. $119.99-25.00 = 94.99 exactly. Makes you think that Amazon is watching TRU prices.
  • rocaorocao Administrator Posts: 4,290
    ^ I'm quite sure that's exactly the case. They've matched several of TRU's promotions this summer.
  • YpresYpres Member Posts: 200
    I ended up buying the temple during the TRU offer. Probably the best set I built all year. NinjaGo is simply under-rated among adult collectors... not that I care since I still buy whatever I like. All four dragons are beautiful and well worth adding to any collection. The Fire Temple also comes with that awesome Dragon Sword... which is the best weapon Lego has ever made! LOL! For $95 it's a very big set and easily puts those so called "starwars" sets to shame. For me NinjaGo saved me from a very boring year of collecting (not that I'm a huge fan of the vehicles though).
  • bluelion3bluelion3 Member Posts: 156
    edited September 2011
    I ordered this set from TRU with the $40 off $150 deal. I added in the 5766 Creator Log Cabin and 2516 Ninja Training Outpost to get above $150. If I spread out the $40 savings proportionally, the Fire Temple was $89.02 or 26% off.

    I'm pretty excited for the Fire Temple. I like all of the minifigs except the cartoony skeletons, and the temple itself looks great. It seems like a Ninjago set for AFOLS; no wacky skeleton vehicles or spinners, just ninja-themed figs and building.
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