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For trade and looking for a few gems

17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
All items I have for trade are sealed in great condition no major flaws.

Star wars
10144 Sandcrawler
10212 UCS Imperial Shuttle
8129 AT-AT
4483 AT-AT black box

8877-1 Vladeks dark fortress
7946-1 Kings castle

21102-1 mindcraft

7016 viking boat wyvern dragon
7020 army of viking artillery wagon

Items I am looking for are modulars and sculptures

10182 Cafe Corner
10190 Market Street
3450 Statue of Liberty
10181 Eiffel Tower
10189 Taj Mahal
10196 Grand Carousel

Looking for these new sealed condition. Looking to trade mostly but if needed can add some cash. PM me. Thanks


  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    Just added 2 more sets

    Star wars

    7965 Millenium falcon
    10178 motorized at-at
  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    1 more set added

    Star Wars
    8017 Darth Vader tie fighter
  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    Ok no trade offers now selling prices include shipping

    Star wars

    Sandcrawler $375
    UCS Imperial shuttle $350
    AT-AT 8129 $250
    AT-AT 4483 $250
    AT-AT 10178 $350
    Millenium Falcon $140
    Darth Vader tie fighter $100


    Vladeks dark fortress $200
    Kings castle $200


    Viking boat wyvern dragon $50
    Viking artillery wagon $60

  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    More of what I would be willing to accept for trades

    Town plan 10184
    Town Hall
    Palace cinema
    Town house 4954
    house 4956
    ferris wheel 4957
  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    One more

    tower bridge
  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    Also looking for


  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    tie fighter gone

    Willing to trade

    imperial shuttle
    at-at 8129
    millenium falcon
    viking boat wyvern dragon
    viking artillery wagon
    all are bnib

    for bnib cafe corner or market street
  • PhoneboothPhonebooth Member Posts: 1,430
    These are pretty sizable sets, and expensive. As you're a bit new to the site, it might help to provide some references.
  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    I understand. I have 1 feedback from a trade I just did recently here. You can also check my feedback on ebay 500+ 100%.
  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    Would be willing to trade

    Ucs imperial shuttle for 7888 the tumbler jokers ice cream surprise
  • 17coyote17coyote Member Posts: 28
    Now open to offers
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