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Lego City 2012 theories

Firox5000Firox5000 Member Posts: 61
edited September 2011 in Collecting
With 2012 slowly coming. What new Lego city sets would you like to see and what sets do you think lego will release.

I would like to see a new street collection with such sets as an ice cream van and convenient store.

I reckon in 2012 lego will rerelease construction or farm along with a new collection or something not done for a while.


  • bricksanbricksan Member Posts: 566
    LEGO City will include new sub themes of Forest Police and Forest Fire. These sets will include forest ranger-type Police Officers, new sculpted animals and the vehicles will be more off-road style than are found in regular Police/Fire sets. There is also to be a new range of lowish priced vehicles, presumably to keep standard City vehicles available, the expected sets for this new area are:

    4205 Off Road Command Centre
    4208 Fire Truck
    4209 Fire Plane
    4427 Fire ATV
    4430 Fire Transporter
    4431 Ambulance
    4432 Garbage Truck
    4433 Dirt Bike Transporter
    4434 Tipper Truck
    4435 Car and Caravan
    4436 Police Patrol Car
    4437 Police Pursuit
    4439 Police Heavy Lift Helicopter
    4440 Forest Police Station
    4441 Police Dog Van
    4442 Crooks Hideout

    I did a blog post a while back:
  • coolpixcoolpix Member Posts: 357
    I'd love to see more Trains in 2012. Specially on the older format, where you could buy the passanger cars/wagons separately from the engines, like the BNSF and Santa Fe trains of years back. Those came out when I was not even mildly interested in LEGO, and it's nice when you can buy 2-3 passagner cars to go with your engine, instead of having to buy more than 1 $150 set to have more cars. Other train-related buildings would be cool also.

    Also an Hospital set would look really cool. If there's an Ambulance (4431), there's hope for a Hospital :)

    I like the construction themes, and would not mind seeing them back, and I think the Forest/Ranger/Off Road Police and Fire sets may blow new breath to these themes.

    Other city sets TLG could come up with are Gas Stations, Vehicle Repair Shops. It does not need to be like that huge orange set from a couple years ago, but a smaller set with a small but nice shop, something on the $39-$49 price range. On the same theme, a "car dealership" would be something never done before (I think) that would have a lot of appeal.
  • johnsbricksjohnsbricks Member Posts: 210
    Is there a methodology in the numbering of the Lego sets i.e. why are there a lot of "44**" city sets this year?
  • snowconesnowcone Member Posts: 16
    4432 Garbage Truck

    I wonder if it's close to the one Toy Story 3 Garbage Truck. I got the TS3 one because I don't see one from the City theme.
  • coolpixcoolpix Member Posts: 357
    @snowcone I don't think it will be. Probably something close to the yellow repair truck 3179, but with a trash compactor on the back, and a dumpster, so I think it will keep the same colors, but built to that scale.
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    LEGO City will include ..../
    This sounds like a guess to me, especially with such concurrent model numbers - or is this from a reliable source?

  • grahamh_100grahamh_100 Member Posts: 7
    The lists are originally from
  • bricksanbricksan Member Posts: 566
    edited November 2011
    LEGO City will include ..../
    This sounds like a guess to me, especially with such concurrent model numbers - or is this from a reliable source?
    The list are from what have been appearing on various blogs and forums, as I said in the blog post at the moment all they are unofficial rumors.
    The lists are originally from
    Not heard of that blog will add it to my bookmarks :)
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,940
    edited November 2011
    This sounds like a guess to me, especially with such concurrent model numbers - or is this from a reliable source?
    Surely the concurrent numbers makes MORE sense, and the question should be "what about the numbers in between?" (This probably isn't the place to ask, but is there a system to lego set numbers? I'm guessing there will be).
  • LukeSkywalkerLukeSkywalker Member Posts: 231
    edited September 2011
    @andhe Here's the thread that discussed the set numbering, from the early days of the forum. It always intrigues me how LEGO decide what number to assign to each product.
  • andheandhe Member Posts: 3,940
    @lukeskywalker, thanks! Thought there must be something on it somewhere. As clear as mud then!
  • Firox5000Firox5000 Member Posts: 61
    Seeing Photos on videos on you tube, I can confirm that RJH's set list is more than likely official.
  • bricksanbricksan Member Posts: 566
    Plus I happen to have images to back most of that list up ;)
  • Si_UKNZSi_UKNZ Member Posts: 4,179
    edited September 2011
    That small police helicopter is the same one as in the latest city brickmaster. I built it last night. Cute, nice and simple.
  • TownTown Member Posts: 68
    I think the execution of the tree pigs station, sorry, Forest Police Station, is way off. It's got the classic problem of needing to cram everything in- the station, a truck, a small helicopter, a robber, a guy stuck up a tree, and maybe another car(?).

    In general I'm a little disappointed with the prelim. images of that line. Hopefully there will be some tweaks before release.
  • Rollo_TomassiRollo_Tomassi Member Posts: 113
    edited November 2011
    That small police helicopter is the same one as in the latest city brickmaster. I built it last night. Cute, nice and simple.
    Same here. I put it on the H-pad on top of the Police Station. Mostly because its the only one that's small enough to fit on such a tiny pad. ;-)
  • devilheaddevilhead Member Posts: 286
    My theory is that I'll collect all the 2012 City sets.
  • Firox5000Firox5000 Member Posts: 61
    In my view, the transport vehicles are superb and apart from the Recycle truck (I own the 2007 one), I intend to get them all. The police sets look really good however can't be bothered with the fire sets though.
  • kylejohnson11kylejohnson11 Member Posts: 508
    I'm in love with the 2012 City sets. I bought the Heavy Lift Helicopter on Brick Friday and received the Police Pursuit for my birthday. The Heavy Lift Helicopter is a great set. It will look rather nice at my airport. I did not put the stickers on to keep it a generic helicopter.

    I also really like the new police torsos. I will be swapping my current city police men out for the newer forest police torsos.
  • Silber334Silber334 Member Posts: 147
    I would have bought those from, if they shipped to my area. Funny how they list most major Western countries and Korea as shipping destinations, but not Japan (* -_-)
  • Firox5000Firox5000 Member Posts: 61
    Any one know what uk prices will be? I think they may be the following.
    Patrol Car £8.99
    Police pursuit £13.99
    Police dog van £20.99
    Heavy Duty helicopter £35.99
    Forest Police Station £61.99
    Fire Atv £3.99
    Fire 4x4 £18.99
    Fire Plane £41.99
    Mobile fire command centre £19.99
    Recycling truck £20.99

    Ambulance £15.99
    Garbage Truck £15.99
    Dirt Bike Transporter £15.99
    Tipper Truck £15.99
    Car & Caravan £15.99
  • bellybutton290bellybutton290 Member Posts: 453
    ^prices are £14.99 for the bottom 6 sets you mention. Police station is 59.99. Take a few Quid off each of your preditions basically. I have seen the prices on a toy store website which is typically a TRU type mark u,p so there you have it.
  • bellybutton290bellybutton290 Member Posts: 453
    FYI for any interested parties the same site has stars wars sets at the following hopefully again the mark up is the same for the store so take a few quid off for [email protected] and lego store.

    Battleacks 12gbp
    Droid escape and geonosian cannon 20gbp
    Tie and x-wing 50 each.

    No others at the moment.
  • Firox5000Firox5000 Member Posts: 61
    Would that website be the toy
  • Firox5000Firox5000 Member Posts: 61
    As they have some of th 2012 sets on there possible prices (Mark ups on some hopefully).
  • bellybutton290bellybutton290 Member Posts: 453
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