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How does everyone store their collection?



  • RennyRenny USAMember Posts: 1,145
    +1 for the Snoopy picture :)
  • jlbbluejlbblue Member Posts: 54
    Sorry if this should go to a different section.
    I currently have an area about 1500 sq ft in size. My sets are all over in little stacks or in boxes from floor to ceiling. I need ideas on how to organize, store and set up the area for building and display. Have several storage carts for misc parts and about 8 buffet style tables for display and building. Not sure how many sets I have, probably in the neighborhood of 1500 with most nisb.

    Tried briefly to find shelves big enough to hold sets, but they seemed not deep enough to hold many big sets. Thought about building custom tables with storage underneath, but just don't have the time.

    Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,367
    edited December 2012
    Your LEGO space is bigger than my house.

    As for storage, do you need something that looks good or something that's practical? I've been using large Rubbermaid storage shelves lately, the kind you get at major hardware chains, and they have been pretty good for me. They are sturdy, but not very pretty.

    For larger sets, I have wooden shelves in my storage area that I built myself. They are not very pretty, but they do the trick and are very sturdy.

    I believe there's also a line of IKEA shelves that I seem to recall many members here raving about.
  • brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
    Post photos! That would help, and also be cool to see. 1500 sq ft is a LOT of space!

    I use IVAR shelves from IKEA, very adjustable.
  • Brick_ObsessionBrick_Obsession in a "Brick" house - Calgary, AlbertaMember Posts: 656
    edited December 2012
    1500 sq ft is bigger than most Lego stores. Huge space! You could put countless UCS and Modular sets in there and still be looking for things to occupy the space with.

    I would not be worried about filling the space, more like where the money is going to come from to fill that black hole!
  • Denver_80203Denver_80203 Member Posts: 9
    This is mine.. top image is custom built shelving to hold Arko-mills and other drawer type storage. I built this just this year. The front panel slides on a track. The bottom image is IKEA Ivar shelves holding bulk stuff (any more gray plate and I'm scream). That whole unit was only 200 bucks.

    1500 sq feet is a LOT of space. if you keep the boxes I guess that makes some level of sense but, I find that I don't want a massive space. I should be able to spin and grab whatever I want with minimal effort and movement.

    Also don't underestimate a well stocked random pile of parts. Ideas don't spring well from a set of drawers like this.

    Of course my setup is geared towards building, not collecting boxes or built sets


    [Deleted User]jimmyp1982atkinsarMathBuildergreekmickkhmellymel
  • Denver_80203Denver_80203 Member Posts: 9
    I was thinking about 1500 sq feet... that's 75x20 feet. Sure you don't mean 150 (15x10)
  • Brick_ObsessionBrick_Obsession in a "Brick" house - Calgary, AlbertaMember Posts: 656
    Maybe he does have 1500 sq ft, that being the total house. Ask the wifey and maybe it's only a closet :D
  • brickupdatebrickupdate Member Posts: 1,020
    I would think that "8 buffet style tables" wouldn't fit in a 15x10 room along with the other piles he is describing.

    And @Denver_80203 - I am in AWE of your setup. WOW. The cat beds on top is a nice touch too!
  • Denver_80203Denver_80203 Member Posts: 9
    Thanks. cats agree
  • thebricksterthebrickster Member Posts: 63
    here is mine in a panoramic I am a huge lego city builder and i have just a bout everything sorted by color and selected stuff by type like windows doors,helicopter parts fences ECT.
  • jlbbluejlbblue Member Posts: 54
    Denver, your set up looks great. My area is an unfinished basement that has been framed and is basically in three sections. One is occupied with general storage and I have the other two for Lego. I will try to post some pictures. It is a blank canvas and you all are usually the best for ideas.

    My son likes to build as well and I think I may try a section like Denver's with tables back to back for my son. He wants to do a city lay out and I know that will take up a lot of space.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  • iancam33iancam33 Member Posts: 407
    edited December 2012
    Man 'oh man. I wish I had that kind of space. I'm currently stuck in a room about 10x10 that holds my computer desk, my wifes desk, my bike trainer(and my wifes bike) and a large book shelf and other crap. Condos don't make an ideal LEGO environment.
  • Denver_80203Denver_80203 Member Posts: 9
    The shelving is basically a 2x6 frame with plywood on the back to screw into and some trim.


    16 inch deep shelf on the top for cats to roam around on and a place to display MOCs (If I ever get around to building again.....)
    In my case the center divider in the shelves also serves as a route for water, electrical and data lines...


    The best part of this unit is the lighting. You can buy a couple of 16 foot strips of LEDs on Amazon and a transformer for less than $100. It's REALLY nice to have direct even light down there


    Under exposed shot of the lights:


    Lights 25$
    Dimmer (Required...) 8$
    Transformer 37$
  • Denver_80203Denver_80203 Member Posts: 9
    Oh I forgot, these are the 202$ Ivar Shelves I have:

  • jlbbluejlbblue Member Posts: 54
    Wow, thanks for the pics. Talked to the wife and she is allowing me to finish the basement any way I like as long as there is a bedroom and bathroom. She is excited that she will be able walk through without hitting something. The nearest Ikea is about two hours away, but definitely going to look at their shelving as it seems lots of folks on here use them.

    @Denver_80203 Did you finish the area yourself?
  • Denver_80203Denver_80203 Member Posts: 9
    Yep. Soup to nuts. House was built in 1920 so I had to tear out the plaster ceiling, chip the plaster off the brick wall, dig down 12 inches (some one else poured the concrete floor), All electrical, plumbing, dry wall, hardwood floors, blaa blaaa.

    As Long as I'm showing off... I also built a secret door into what is now known as the toy room:


    I started back in April. This room was 1/3 of the project. Also a laundry room and other storage space.
    Achievement unlocked: man cave
    Achievement unlocked: basement
    gifinim[Deleted User]AdeelZubairpaul_mertonMorkManDanGPTheBrickLaddCam_n_Stukekeke
  • dneuldneul Member Posts: 369
    Omg- I would love a secret room!
  • madforLEGOmadforLEGO Chicagoland USMember Posts: 10,524
    edited December 2012
    Is it really a secret room now? :-p

    Awesome set up you have. I can only hope to do something like this in the near future (need to get a house first though, I doubt the apt managers would like this)
  • BuriedinBricksBuriedinBricks USAMember Posts: 1,367
    I love that setup Denver. Sadly, I refinished our basement while still in my dark ages. I would have done a few things differently.
  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Near ManchesterMember Posts: 4,228
    I'm in the UK, and I'm trying to find storage boxes like the one below, but finding that virtually no-one stocks this kind of storage, not even huge B&Q stores.

    The one below is from Maplin, and I'll probably get it as it'll be great for the small pieces, but I'm also looking for something with drawers a bit bigger (like the medium size drawers below), for the 2x1, 2x2, 2x4, 4x4 etc bricks.

    Does anyone know where I can get storage boxes like this?

  • HuwHuw Brickset Towers, Hampshire, UKAdministrator Posts: 7,017
  • ThegoThego UKMember Posts: 264
    ^ I picked up a couple of those form Maplin's ebay outlet for £22.99 each. Pretty good price. They are made by Raaco so search on ebay for 'Raaco dividers' and you can also pick up some dividers for the drawers for a few quid.
  • ThegoThego UKMember Posts: 264
    Sorry, I've just re-read your post and see you want bigger drawers. I think you can also get the drawers separately here:
  • bricknationbricknation Member Posts: 716
    edited January 2013
    Clas Ohlson has a nice choice of sturdy sheet-steel construction Raaco Storage Units. Prices aren't too bad.

  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Near ManchesterMember Posts: 4,228
    Thanks! :)
  • CrownieCrownie WA StateMember Posts: 228
    This seems like an appropriate place to ask - does anyone have any experience with UV filters?

    I currently store my LEGO sets in a closet that uses an overhead florescent light fixture. Obviously, it's not on all the time, but I'm wondering if the UV light from the florescent tubes is something I should be concerned with?

    Does anyone have any experience / comments on LEGO and florescent lights?
  • CrownieCrownie WA StateMember Posts: 228
    Thanks Joseph - I did catch that thread. I'm not sure it makes me feel too much better though, lol. Maybe I should get some UV sleeves for the florescent light tubes - just in case.

    If anyone else is curious (or perhaps equally neurotic), I was looking here:
  • LosimagicLosimagic UKMember Posts: 397
    for UK people, Lidl currently have some drawer units -

    They're 100% plastic, but for £9 they're good value.
  • leemcgleemcg Member Posts: 607
    I've just finished my latest re-sort. All loose elements in their proper places.

    I think I've done something different to most on here in that I haven't used storage with distinct compartments - I found this to take up too much space. Instead I have individual element types in ziploc bags inside 4.5 litre sandwich boxes.

    I have each element and colour in an individual bag and then put them in boxes depending on how many of elements that go together that I have. So I have one box for all 'brown' bricks, one for white bricks and three for light Hoey bricks (1-3 studs, 4 studs, 5+ studs).

    This seems to me to have a few advantages:

    Cheap cost of the storage. The 4.5litre sandwich boxes I use are less than £2 each from Tesco and plastic baggies are negligible.

    Less space taken up. This is my main driver and is particularly true where I have only a few of each type of element. I have one box for modified plates and another for modified bricks (actually I have a box for SNOT bricks and plates and a box for textured bricks). These boxes are relatively full and there are at least 50 distinct element/colour types in each.

    Easy to move. I often work in the dining room as I'm a bit short of working space in my study and it's each to move a few boxes from one room to the next (and to put them away and not get into trouble with my wife). The downside is that I seem to always end up bringing more and more boxes.

    Very expandible. It's easy enough to add more boxes as I get more pieces - I have recently moved by modified bricks and modified plates from 2 boxes to 4: now snot pieces, textured bricks, other modified bricks, other modified plates.

    Quick to unpack BricklInk orders. As most Bricklink orders come already in individual bags, any new elements that I didn't have just go straight into the relevant box.

    There are certainly downsides. When I need a specific element, rather than just open the right drawer, I have to open the right box and search through. For a very diverse box, this might well involve emptying it. Also you really need to keep as much air as possible out of the bags so as to not waste too much space so that's a bit of faffing around.

  • PaperballparkPaperballpark Near ManchesterMember Posts: 4,228
    ^ very interesting! I think the OCD part of me prefers each different element having it's own little compartment though.

    The downside of that is that there are a LOT of different elements, so the ones I don't have many of go all together in a few larger tubs.
  • AdeelZubairAdeelZubair London, UKMember Posts: 2,703
    Shelve with most valuable sets: Lego Diagon Alley (10217), Mini Modulars (10230) Iron Man 3 sets and Man of Steel sets.

    Bottom of my Wardrobe with Lego boxes used to store my extra pieces and instructions.

    Lego Store bag used to hold my Lego catalogs and newsletters and other leaflets.

    Box of Lego sets to sell (To make space for new sets)

    3 x Minifigure collectors boxes: Iron Man, Harry Potter, Man of Steel/Superman.

    A rare Lego Bionicle set I will always keep which I got as a birthday present from my mum: Karzahni (8940)

    A bunch of Lego sets siting on my desk, I like to pose and create action scenes :)

    Loose sets I got that are still sealed and may sell.
  • skeet318skeet318 Banned Posts: 375
    Sterlite.....lots of Sterlite. Still waiting on that shipment of capsules from Bulma...
  • leemcgleemcg Member Posts: 607
    edited July 2013
    ^^^ oh don't doubt there's OCD here. Each element in each colour is in a separate bag, even if that's just one thing in a bag.

    By the way in the post above, my iPad seems to have autocorrects bley to Hoey!
  • jasorjasor United StatesMember Posts: 839
    edited July 2013
    ^well...that Bley sure does get around.... Hoey may be a proper alternative :)
  • sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
    I happened upon an incredible find at my local Restore/Habitat for Humanity. It was a bit hidden in a row of commercial shelving but I knew at first sight it would be great for Lego, especially when building from random lots. It has four deep divided shelves (including a narrow space at the front of the shelves that's perfect for Minifigs) and the lower three pull out. I didn't realize what it really was until I had it home, cleaned it up & was pulling out a lower shelf as I filled it with the Lego elements I most often find myself walking across the room to access. In an effort to "pay it forward" I will gift 3 random Series 10 Collectible Minifigs to the first AFOL who can guess/figure out the original intent & frequent use of this most awesome unit.
  • sweetness34sweetness34 San Diego, CA.Member Posts: 373

    I AFOL who can guess/figure out the original intent & frequent use of this most awesome unit.

    Looks like some type of refrigerated case from a grocery store?
  • sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
    edited July 2013
    Good guess sweetness34 but only one word in your response is correct.
  • oldtodd33oldtodd33 Denver 4800 miles to BillundMember Posts: 2,631
    It looks like a clothing display rack from a department store.
  • sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
    oldtodd33 you're getting warmer.
  • jamiestjamiest englandMember Posts: 37
    Shoe rack?
  • roxioroxio UKMember Posts: 1,382
    Magazine rack
  • skeet318skeet318 Banned Posts: 375

    Is there a story behind that lego smiley face you built there?
  • 12651265 The Great State of TexasMember Posts: 1,100
    Cosmetic display case?
  • sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
    More good guesses but no correct answer yet. It was not a shoe rack or a magazine rack, nor was it a cosmetic display case. You guys are however on the right track.
  • sandtherapysandtherapy Member Posts: 108
    The Lego smiley face was built a couple of days ago by a 10 year old girl. My daughter was having a slumber party and a couple of the kids were hanging out with me in my play room. One of them built the smiley face and the other wrote my daughters name using red brick & green base plates.
  • skeet318skeet318 Banned Posts: 375

    The Lego smiley face was built a couple of days ago by a 10 year old girl. My daughter was having a slumber party and a couple of the kids were hanging out with me in my play room. One of them built the smiley face and the other wrote my daughters name using red brick & green base plates.

    Nice. The reason I asked was to see if it was a Watchmen or Nirvana totem. I that story better.
    If that isn't a meat or egg rack then I'm stumped....
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