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Lego Mindstorm and a tablet

RonyarRonyar Member Posts: 369
Thought this looked interesting. Not sure I want a microsoft tablet, but anything that makes it easier and more interesting for kids and AFOLs to use Mindstorms works for me.


  • HokieJoe99HokieJoe99 Member Posts: 351
    That looks like it would allow for a lot of great possibilities. Hopefully Lego won't ignore the IOS market. Just imagine, you could build a family of robots, a big one using the ipad for the dad, a smaller one using the ipad mini for the mom, and a really small robot using an iPhone for the kid.
  • plasmodiumplasmodium UKMember Posts: 1,939
    The Microsoft tablets run "Surface RT", which (as far as I know) is just a stripped down version of Windows 8, so theoretically, the Mindstorms/NXT PC software should run on it (as long as it has bluetooth, I guess). It'd be great if they added more features for touchscreen/making the tablet display stuff etc.
    Unfortunately, iOS is more of a "phone" operating system, so (from what I hear) they would have to write new software. Still, in today's world, it would make a lot of sense to have the Mindstorms software for Android/iOS.
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